Saturday, January 26, 2008

Better, wetter..., and the weather, respectively.

I finally showered and dressed late this afternoon, made myself some hot chocolate and toast, and tried to convince myself that I wasn't feeling as bad as I did this morning.

Mostly, it worked.

Went for a walk after sunset, making a whole mile before the backhoe started digging in my innards again and I had to give up. Felt better than sitting at home, though.

But now I'm exhausted, and still trying to convince myself I'm recovering from the assault of the Death Egg.

It's starting to rain again. For this area, the incoming storm promises to be a doozy. We may get up to eight inches of rain by Monday. The previous storm dropped more wet stuff than the total rainfall for last year. The radar images of the next wave of wetness are pretty impressive.

All more or less good news. Not good enough, but I'll take anything right now.


John said...

You must not live in a sliding house.
Good to see you survived the Egg, so far.

emd said...

Glad you're feeling better. I'm sitting here listening to the rain, and kind of digging it.

John said...

You never know, the Egg may have been some ancient thing, like Pandora's box, or a Genie lamp, just waiting for some lucky sap to unleash its mischief. At the least, if it didn't kill you, I hope it made you stronger.

susananne said...

Keep off dairy and keep the toast dry. Hopefully today it will have eased a bit Mr Scribs..i feel for you , i really do.

Japee said...

Glad to know you are feeling physically better even if everything else seems to suck right now. Sorry things are so tough Scribs.