Friday, January 04, 2008

It don't rain much...

...Where The Ghetto Meets The Sea.

Tonight, however, after two days of predictions -- the news was bleating "people bracing for big storm!" just a few hours ago -- the rain is trickling down. It's heavier in other (most) parts of L.A., but that doesn't affect me much. I'm not there, you see.

In less than an hour, I'll be off to a social occasion. I have an umbrella (graft from a press trip, naturally), and it's big enough to shelter two people.

I will, however, have three people in the car. The numbers don't add up. My Harris Tweed faster-motoring cap dries quickly, though.

The really weird thing about this, however, has nothing to do with the rain.


This will be the first time in recent memory that I have gone to any kind of large-ish gathering where I don't already know damn near everyone. In the ordinary way of my life, I meet the same people over and over, and can depend on most of the newcomers already knowing something about me.

But this time, I will know 1.5 people there and the prospect makes me jittery as a bee on heat. Laugh if you wish, but there are some jangly nerves jangling here right now. Am I about to be unmasked for the dismal lump of chazerai I so often think I am?

Oh, never mind that. It should be fun.

I know it will be fun.

Yes, I do.

All y'all don't need to tell me I need to get out more. I know that.

Strange days, these, with all kinds of pressures and interesting thoughts circulating in my head.

Gotta go take a shower now. Though I suspect I'll be wet again soon after.


Anonymous said...

From what I am seeing on the net and tv, the dire weather predictions for some of Calif were not exaggerated.

MrScribbler said...

anon -- Too true! But all that wet stuff often passes right by this little spit of land by the ocean.

Japee said...

Go get gussied up and enjoy your shindig! Wet or dry.

Kit said...

I hope you're out having fun right now. Me-- of course I'm in, but I'm having fun reading your blog. Does that count?