Saturday, January 26, 2008


Not a good morning. Mainly because last night was not a good night.

I was not at fault, I don't think, unless it can be said that I sometimes am not the smartest shopper in the world. But how can you tell when the market sells you some past-their-prime eggs in a package with a "sell-by" date still in the future?

Regardless, I hard-boiled the evil little suckers and ate one.

I knew that was a mistake within minutes.

A neighbor suggested that a couple of shots of Cuervo would settle my stomach. And they did, for quite a while.

Not forever, though. No need for a detailed description of the events that followed when the cactus-juice buzz wore off, I don't think.

I'm still feeling like death. Not warmed over. Just death.

Tea. Is that considered a balanced diet?


Rythmicboi said...

NO. no, not at ALL. Thats the perfect recepie for shitting in the toilet while ur puking in the bathtub, I imagine your night went something like that?


DAL said...

I trust you will return those eggs to the store. Or maybe send them out to people you dislike a long, hot mail post away :-)

Anonymous said...

After years of refusing to acknowledge that food, even covered and refigerated, can go bad after weeks, I have been forced to consider sell-by dates more carefully, having experienced more than one episode such as yours.

Clever girl blogger has introduced me a kind of magic milk with expiration dates weeks in the future instead of days, and shazaam, it works. And it tastes like milk did when I was a kid, too. Thanks clever girly!!


MrScribbler said...

Bree -- Yeah, it did. But it was gonna do that anyway. The Cuervo simply delayed the reaction.

dal -- When I feel like going out, it'll be my first task.

fin -- I seldom if ever drink milk. But I do look at the dates carefully on all perishables. This was either a scam, an honest error, or the "ranch" had one sick chicken on egg-laying duty.

astoopidmonkey said...

I was just eating breakfast as I read this... not exactly two things that should go together there.

Are you going to be taking the eggs back?

MrScribbler said...

monkey -- When I'm feeling better, the eggs will go back to the store. One has already "gone back," so to speak.

Sorry it upset your breakfast. Kinda did the same for mine....

susananne said...

ive just had 3 days of the blooming "runs" Theres a bad stomach bug going around here right now so i do undersand today how you are feeling. I just drank water and didnt eat for 48 hours. it takes time to go though...and you know what the best feeling in the world is?

** whispers...when you can break wind and its only gas that comes out!! hehehehe

MrScribbler said...

Susuananne -- I'll let you know when I get to that stage! :-P

emd said...

Good lord. I hope you feel better soon!

MrScribbler said...

emd -- I will never, ever buy perishables from the local market again!

John said...

In Miami you have to watch the Mama and Papa stores. They'll sell anything that fits on the shelf and don't believe in expiration dates.
I always open and look at the eggs because they often have cracked ones in the mix.
This is the kind of thing people parlay into big lawsuits. Get John Edwards. Maybe he can channel the chicken, or your stomach, for the jury. You'll be rich. This could be the golden egg.
I can't spell that disease. Salmanilla or something. Be careful. If it is just minor food poisoning, it's one thing. If it is one of those deadly bacterial creations, better see a doc.