Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Even I know...

...when to shut the hell up.

The endless stream of bad stuff here probably bums some of you out in a major way, and it clearly affects me negatively.

If I was ever to write about the between-the-lines happenings, the sordid little scenes I keep mostly to myself, it would be even more of a downer. What you can't imagine happening is what I've experienced; the more absurd the scenario, the better the chance it's part of my days. And weeks, months and years.

Not to mention the usual hassles, which have attained the power to stop me dead in my tracks. So many things I should have done yesterday have been put off until tomorrow, simply because various things happen that sap my energy.

It's a damn mess, I tell you.

My life would make a wonderful cheap novel, except it wouldn't be believable. Or it might make a good comic book.

What it does not make is a very satisfying life to live.

And I am slowly coming to the conclusion I cannot fix it on my own.

Oh, well.

You might get a chuckle or two out of the details, but I'm too shy to expose the extent of my dimwittedness.

I'm telling you, it's not much fun to be me, Jim.

So I will simply sign off for now....


John said...

There are times when one might wonder if he wasn't born to write for news of the weird. Some of us attract that sort of thing. I'll bet on rare occasions the weird curve and the cool curve crossed. It's a high price to pay but part of the deal.

Rythmicboi said...

I am sorry to hear you have hit a negative valley in your life... Perhaps spilling the beans would help YOU to smile... I know that seeing my own faulty thinking on paper is quite humerous in hind-sight and offers me glimpses of solutions I might otherwise not have found.


Anonymous said...

I so feel you. About ppl not thinking your life could possibly be a fudged up (trying to quit swearing, hehe)as bad as you say. I wonder sometimes if there are peoeple who really lead "NORMAL" lives. Hum, and then that begs to question what is classified as normal..oh here i go..lol. Have a good day Scribbs. LL