Thursday, January 03, 2008

Crazed & confused...

...which I suppose is a normal condition for this boy, but sometimes gets really irritating.

While attempting to bring some order to my "office" space this morning, I've been listening to the radio. All the babble has been about the would-be presidents pimping for support in Iowa. I absolutely do not care.

If the Black Man beats the Woman, or if the Evangelist beats the Mysterious Mormon, nothing will change. The favored classes will still get preferential treatment, the government will get larger and more powerful, the rich will get richer, and the rest of us will still be the pawns who pay for all their crap ideas.

As a counterpoint to all that noise, we get a special treat, advertising-wise, in SoCal. Since this is the "home" of the Movie Biz -- and thus the home of voters for the Golden Globes and Academy Awards -- there is an endless bombardment of radio spots touting the alleged best movies of the year. This will last until a few days before the Academy Awards....

All of them use the same voice "talent," a guy who sounds oh-so sincere and has an aggravating habit of lowering his voice and sounding excessively breathy at the end of each sentence. The form is always the same, too: a hint of the movie's theme music and maybe a snippet of "important" dialog, followed by reviews: "the Coeur d'Alene Weekly Squirrel raves, 'this is the movie of the decade.'" Crap like that, repeated maybe 10 times per hour.

Damn. I just want to run away.

Don't want to write, don't want to do nothin'.

Well, there's something I wouldn't mind doing, but it's impossible.

The radio is now off. And so am I, as if you hadn't figured that out.


lowandslow said...

Sadly your third paragraph absolutely nails the essence of modern American politics. Elephants...donkeys...both will trample all over us.


maryjane said...

Speaking of ads