Sunday, January 06, 2008

A cure... least for what ails me.

I started the morning feeling, as the great Ed Anger, columnist for the late, lamented Weekly World News used to say, pig-biting mad.

But I was angry about faraway things: politicians, and the horse-crap they spew out in hopes of getting into the presidency and, to be blunt, settling scores with opponents and yammering incessantly about what they want to "give" us.

Notice that they all bleat about "change?" Hell, yes, they want change: what they don't say is that they want what little change you and I have managed to hold on to after they have taxed us into abject poverty.

"Gifts" cost money, you know. You just haven't received the total bill for them yet.

But instead of working myself into a lather about a group of people who should, in my view, be pushing brooms or folding burritos instead of jockeying for power -- I may rant about this later, or maybe not -- I have gratefully accepted an invitation to go out for a nice walk.

Might even bring back a picture or two.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh a picture would be wonderful... Have a great walk! LL

Anonymous said...

yeah....take s`more kitty photos:)


kelly said...

Photos would be lovely!

DAL said...

Walking is good for easing "pig-biting mad". So is photography.