Thursday, January 10, 2008

Since people seem to find Tatas amusing...

...I pulled a book called the Katalog der Automobil Revue 2004 off my shelf, where it has rested since I brought it back from Switzerland that same year. Despite the fact that it is published in two languages I have difficulty reading (German and French), it takes no skill to hunt up car names that are, well, interesting, and I'll list a few favorites by manufacturer and then model names. Most of them, blessedly, are unfamiliar here, or got different names if they showed up here.

DAIHATSU: Move, Naked, Terios Kid

FIAT: Panda, Punto, Idea

HONDA: That's, Jazz, Stream, Inspire, Spike, Lagreat

HYUNDAI: Getz, Click, Grandeur

LADA (Russia): Dancer, Tarzan

MITSUBISHI: Townbox, SpaceStar, Delica Space Gear

NISSAN: Cube, Bluebird, Sunny, Elgrand

PEUGEOT: Partner


SSANGYONG (Korea): Chairman


TATA: Sumo

TOYOTA: Platz, Sparky, Succeed, Probox.

Those are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and don't include older wonders such as the Nissan Big Thumb truck and the long-ago Flying Feather.

I think I'd rather have a Tata Nano than a Daihatsu Naked or a Toyota Sparky, but maybe that's just me....


maryjane said...

I don't know, I rather fancy the name "Naked" for a car.
Think of how many jokes I could tell about myself and my car.
Imagine "tarzan"...I could say to the car every morning "me maryjane, you tarzan, now drive".

John said...

I guess there's no chance at obtaining Lada Trim, or a Lada Tata, Natbe a Lada Bull.

MrScribbler said...

mj -- Never thought of it quite like that!

John -- I once drove a Lada and can tell you once I got it on the highway there was a whole Lada shakin' goin' on....

Lowandslow said...

Remember the Pontiac And now we have the VW Jet A, and the Piss ant, too.