Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My laugh for the morning...

...arrived courtesy of Bill Handel, a local morning radio host who is a master -- if such a thing can be called "mastery" -- of malapropisms.

So twisted do his syntax and verbiage become on occasion that they have spawned their own word: Handelisms.

This morning's was a doozy, and is certain to make the list soon.

He was discussing the news with other members of his show's cast, and the topic of gays in the military came up. Apparently (I didn't see it) the TV show 60 Minutes profiled a soldier who remains in the Army though openly gay.

Handel said the soldier was serving despite the military's "no ask, no tail" policy.

The studio was filled with laughter, and it took a moment or two for "normal" programming to resume.

I'm glad I had already finished my coffee. Cleaning keyboards and monitors can be a real drag.

PARENTHETICAL SHARE-THE-LAFFS NOTE: There is no doubt this will make the stations list of podcasts fairly soon. It'll be in today's "Handel on the News -- Late Edition" podcast and highlights list.

PARENTHETICAL JOURNALISTIC-ACCURACY NOTE: What Handel actually said was that it's a "no ass, no tail" policy. That's more like him....

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