Thursday, January 10, 2008

I wimped out...

...last night.

Less than an hour after putting up that last entry I turned off the computer and staggered off to bed. I need new glasses, I'm sure; the ol' peepers just wouldn't focus on the screen. Nor would my mind focus on the story I was writing.

I was, however, amazed that I could drink a fair amount of tea and fall asleep shortly thereafter. While I could drink coffee, snap off the light, and head immediately into snooze-land years ago, I assumed that "skill" was long gone. Caffeine and I still have the same old relationship, it seems, even though my taste has gone from Folger's to Cuban-roast.

Tea doesn't matter much. It's all good. Except for the cheap "Red Rose" brand I bought when I lived in Seattle, that is. It's mostly Lipton now, though I buy quite nice green tea at the 99-Cent Store. None of that herbal stuff for me.

Tea, coffee, it all has caffeine in it. Abi gezunt.

So I have been sitting here since 5:45, and have actually managed to resume progress on the current work. It should go off to the editor today.

I am carefully avoiding reading the news today. No need to get riled up so early, is there?

There is one political thing I want to say: our nation is too polarized. Based on my feelings about the upcoming presidential election, people have inferred that I won't vote for any black person, any woman, any Mormon or any evangelical Christian and am, therefore, racist, sexist, anti-Mormon or anti-Christian.

That bugs me.

I just won't vote for the black man, woman, Mormon or evangelical Christian running for president this year.

That is a major flaw in our society today. Rather than encourage and support candidates who share our beliefs, have experience, are not severely tainted by their own past actions and/or don't come across as expedient, focus-group-driven phonies, we embrace symbols. Foolish.

Besides, I have already cast a vote for a black, female president. Granted, that was many years ago and she appeared only on the primary election ballot and didn't go all the way, but I did it. And if she was alive and running today, I'd do it again.

She wasn't a Mormon, though. Or, though Christian, an evangelical. She was simply a decent person with good ideas.

We seem to have run out of people like that.

We need a Jewish president. I wish Jackie Mason wasn't too old to run.

Oh, well. Back to work. Long, long day ahead.


Anne said...

Refreshing to meet someone with his own thoughts, speaking his own mind, and old enough to not ask, "Who's Jackie Mason?". I'm Anne, pleased to meet you.

MrScribbler said...

Anne -- If I were president, everyone would know who Jackie Mason is. I'd make him Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Or UN ambassador, at least.

Pleased to meet you, too.

lowandslow said...

And likewise, there are many blacks who will vote for Obama JUST BECAUSE he is black, and there are many women who will vote for Hillary JUST BECAUSE she is a woman. CRAZY!! Isn't that just as racist/sexist in its own way?


MrScribbler said...

l&s -- I think it's not quite racist, but a matter of supporting the home team, so to speak.

John said...

I may have to revive my campaign at the 11th hour. In the mean time I think letting the others make fools of themselves will help me when the time comes.
They seem to use the same outfits that do local car dealer ads, appealing to complete idiots, the lowest common denominator.

Anonymous said...

I don't like anyone running with maybe the exception of Thompson. I would vote for a woman, just never Hillary, never. I really think it's out of our hands anyway. I think they're all bought and paid for.