Saturday, January 19, 2008

On the road today... Central California, roughly a 500-mile round-trip.

Photographer D.'s girlfriend has a house up there, and needs to collect something from it. D. doesn't want to go, so they asked me to do the behind-the-wheel chores. She's not the world's best driver, for sure; I get extremely nervous, passenger-wise, in her car.


It's a nice day, I don't want to be here, and I have a fairly decent set o' wheels available. I do stuff for them, they do stuff for me. Don't ask me how I see the ratio between them/me; I'm biased in favor of me, naturally. In one sense, I'm glad D. isn't going: sometime during a drive of that length, there might be fisticuffs and resulting loss of blood. His.

There may be photos later. Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

drive carefully!!! your scribblage makes me laugh at times. at the mention of getting into fistcuffs, it reminded me of the movie Scarface. Enjoy your day, friend...


joan said...

Road trip! Have a good time. It's good to have a change of scenery.