Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday ends with a...

...bigger, fatter thud.

I was going to say "with a crash," but don't want you to get the wrong idea. I went for a drive, but it was relatively short, as Photographer D. called just before I bugged out and said he had stuff for a couple of stories I stupidly agreed to do. Yeah, at this point I'll write anything, in the pathetic hope I'll see money. Someday.

PARENTHETICAL WHY-EDITORS-LIKE-ME, ASIDE-FROM-THE-FACT-THEY-SEEM-TO-THINK-I-DON'T-NEED-MONEY THOUGHT: Let it be said the "information" D. gave me was less than useless. Sometimes, I wonder if he can actually read or understand what it takes to write a good piece, research-wise....

And I was roped into going to lunch with D. and his girlfriend. That's hell, let me tell you. When it comes to her, he is the most inconsiderate bastard on the planet. He puts her down, they bicker, and she takes it. Any woman I treated that way would kick me in the nougats, speedy-speedy. Just like a few whom I treated with love and respect. There were many moments at the restaurant when I wanted to crawl under my chair and hide.

The food was awful and overpriced, too.

And when I came home there was, of course, nothing in the mail. Jesus, have I been writing articles or hallucinating that I wrote and sent them? It has been 48 days since anyone paid me. I'd love to believe this is some hideous practical joke, that tomorrow's mail will have enough money in it to straighten me out completely. Fat chance.

The bright spot was coming home to a FedEx box full of 10 CDs, made for me by a friend in Minnesota. I'm listening now, and will no doubt be listening tomorrow. My closest friends are fanatics like me about our strange taste in music, and I'm sending him a few recordings tomorrow that are equally obscure and weird. This is great, great stuff, some of which takes me back many years. Most people would turn up their noses at it; I don't care, frankly.

And R. called, as he always does (without knowing it) when things are going to shit here. It's nice to have friends who give a damn, who understand what's really important in this ugly world. We talked about the Minnesota guy -- whom we both like -- and about the Real Stuff: music and, well, shall we say interaction with the opposite sex.

I'm absolutely certain some of you think I'm making it all up, that I like to p*ss and moan about life to cover up the fact that I'm livin' large here.

Would that it were so, grizzly dudes. Would that it were so.

R. will probably call again soon after he gets off work, to find out if any of the CDs are worth listening to. They are. I've copied a few he'll like already.

I just hope I can be coherent when he calls. I'm playing "Star Trek" here: "(Jim) Beam me up, Scotty!"

Sorry if this bugs you. Life is awful here, and I can only write about what I know.

All my loves are too far away. And none of them care.


DAL said...

When I move to my own place (which might not be as soon as I'd hoped), I will have the quiet to be able to listen to music without a TV or video game or other distraction going on in the background.

I could wear headphones, I suppose, but I like the freedom of movement afforded by speakers...

Anonymous said...

No, I believe things are really this way for you. My life sorta sucks right now too. But you know what...i'm fighting them F***ers that make me feel bad about me. Be it a freind or an ex lover...don't matter who, I am sick of being walked on.
I hated to see the end of your post today...made me lonely...wanting more. Anyhow, chin up...LL

Rythmicboi said...

LOL... Its always amazing to hear a person's personal take on a certain event. The dinner with D sounds like a million Ive had in my lifetime... the problem is Im just feisty enough to open my mouth and say something about it. I would suggest this course of action if you are REALLy running dry on material, speaking one's mind creates ALL sorts of material for an article on YOU. And beleive it or not, most people are just nosy enough to absolutely eat up your personal business! Im glad you have a friend to talk about the good stuff with... its always nice to have that saving grace. Ive got some monopoly money, it might not be worth a damn but if it showed up in your mail box it might make you smile at least! Nice to read your ramblings again, its been far too long.


John said...

Say what they will, nice guys rarely get the good treatment.
I don't get that put down thing.