Monday, January 21, 2008

First headache of the day...

...came from the Google service that notifies you when your name appears on websites.

There were two "reputable" publishers listed -- if I mentioned their names, you'd think "publishing establishment" -- who have reprinted stolen articles of mine that were published (on paper) some years ago.

Did I get paid for these? Did anyone ask me if I minded?

That would be "no." Twice.

Someone is raking in some coin by selling archived material to these companies. And many others, I might add. I know who the "someone" is. But, alas, I learned some time ago that I have no recourse; there is no action in law that protects my rights.

A large music company with a full fleet of lawyers can rake individuals over the coals for downloading/sharing music files. They can get large judgments from the miscreants, too.

To my knowledge, the number of articles I've written that are being republished without my permission or any further payment runs into three figures now.

The anger just goes on and on.


maryjane said...

You should set the person on fire.
That would teach them.
Oh wait, that would also land you in jail...never mind.

Anonymous said...

hehehe @ MJ. That sucks. Actually, it enrages me. How are you keeping your cool? I once had that happen and i freaked. I picked up a report I worked bosses name...mine was nowhere to be found. They were my thoughts and words and he took credit for it. Pond slime...

Good luck with it. LL

John said...

As they say in Jersey.
Just give me the name--all taken care of.
Fogget aboutit