Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So this is the New Year...

...and I'm already beginning to lose what little enthusiasm I had for it.

For that I can thank two of my clients, both of whom are back from nice, long paid holidays.

The first forwarded me a note from a reader wishing I -- that's me, personally, not one of his staff writers -- would do a particular story. I replied (to the editor) that I was up for the gig, and also wanted to do several other pieces we had discussed.

His return message was so tepid that I think tracking this particular story down would be a major waste of time and effort.

So why did he bother sending it to me? I don't know.

The second came from one of those who should have sent me a check or two already. It consisted of a "couple of questions" about a story I had foolishly assumed was already set to go to print before now.

Said "couple of questions" sent me into an hour-long search for information I have buried in old notebooks and magazine stashed in library cases. Things I considered too general -- or trivial -- to put in the finished piece now seem very important. At least to the editor.

Getting the meat into a story and cutting away the fat is supposed to be one of my major strengths. I told the editor (in the same message in which I answered the questions) that this was making me feel as if I was turning in my first item to a high-school newspaper.

Granted, I could take all this stuff much more in stride if I had a larger supply of spondulics in my bank account. Let's face it; gotta treat the customers right.

But when I am hoping for payments that will only help avert disaster -- as opposed, say, to having to delay the purchase of that big-screen TV everyone seems to need these days -- I am not in the mood to deal with this kind of stuff.

Didn't help that the messages arrived while I was almost into a rhythm with another difficult, fact-filled piece.

Now? I'm ready to just shut down and take a long, long nap. Six months of uninterrupted sleep will do, I think.

D'you think I'm being oversensitive? I suggest you come take my job...please.


Anonymous said...

Would you like my job instead? You can have people call you on the phone all day and yell at you. It's fun...


MrScribbler said...

Gill -- Can I yell back at 'em? That would feel really good right now....

lowandslow said...

I know what you mean about needing a paycheck. On my list of long-term goals it says, "Need $35 by Friday." *sigh*


Japee said...

Do you ever think of working on your own book? You certainly have the knowledge, experience and expertise in your field.

MrScribbler said...

Japee -- Writing books is an even faster way to end up living in a cardboard box on South Broadway than writing for magazines.

Unless, that is, you have a talent I seem to lack.

Japee said...

We KNOW you have the talent - that isn't in question. :))