Saturday, September 22, 2007

When history repeats itself...

...the support of evil is often wrapped in the cloak of "academic freedom."

Slimy as it seems, the welcome being extended by Columbia University to Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is nothing new for that institution. Back in the 1930s, Columbia, and its venerated idiot leader, Nicholas Murray Butler, played footsie with Nazi Germany, too.

Oddly enough, while mass murderers and their lackeys are always welcome at Columbia, patriotic Americans are not. You may recall that Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minutemen anti-open-borders group, was invited to speak but was summarily cut off by the antics of students and outside protesters who chose to engage in violent behavior instead of respecting the "academic freedom" that the university president yammers on about.

I have no doubt at all that any students who choose to engage in peaceful protest of Mad Mahmoud's visit will face expulsion and/or arrest. After all, hose who attacked Gilchrist faced a semi-stern finger-wagging from the university administration.

But then, Gilchrist was foolish enough to stand in support of the rule of law. Mad Mahmoud, on the other hand, is a leader of the hate-America crowd, who are the darlings of left-wing institutes of "learning" across the country.

Gilchrist was called a "racist" because he favors enforcement of immigration laws. Mad Mahmoud is merely a deliverer of death to Americans and Israelis.

Gotta cut him some slack, I guess. We wouldn't want to compromise lunatic academic freedom, would we?


Justfly said...

Columbia is a weird school. My son's ex/gf goes there. She doesn't even like it there.

John said...

The insanity from colleges and universities keeps outdoing itself. They seem to have decided reason is the enemy. One thing they still hold dear, though, and that is elitism.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would build another Great Wall separating Mexico from the U.S.A. Let them enter the country just like everyone else does. My wife and members of her family arrived LEGALLY to this country after obtaining visas, etc. All are paying taxes! The idea of giving the illegal immigrants amnesty pisses me off, big time!

Bud a.k.a Mafan