Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's that kind of morning...

...foggy and dank...

I suspect the same scene is going on inside my head as well.

The power went off at 4:30 this morning. Apparently there were a number of wires down somewhere nearby. The Water & Power people don't know why; probably chupacabras gnawing on them.

Later, just after I finished resetting all the appliances' clocks and re-recorded my answering machine message, it happened again. Thirty minutes sans power is no fun. Worse, it caught my computer at what must have been an embarrassing moment, as when the power came back on and I restarted it, the thing went through a rather lengthy self-diagnosis routine. All seems well now, and as soon as I have any faith in the power staying on, I'll go through the reset process with everything that got shut down.

After that, I'll take a shower. No fun to be caught in a dark, windowless room whilst performing ablutions.

I know that, now.

If this is what today will be all about, I just may go back to bed and say to hell with it.


Claire Elise said...

Our answering machine hasn't been set in about two years. anytime someone leaves a message its time is "Sunday 12am" I got sick of resetting it after power outages. it seemed that if i were to reset it, the power would go out. so i quit. we haven't had anything more than a flicker in a long time. (knock on wood)

MrScribbler said...

Claire Elise -- I had so many complaints from people who had to listen to the generic answering machines message (which of course takes over when the power is cut) that I had to record my own.

Plus the display flashes when you don't set the day/time thing.

Just another aggravation!

Justfly said...

I hope your power behaves. Living in Colonial Times is not fun :(

DAL said...

I don't get worked up about power outages. It gives me an excuse to take in a bit of peace and quiet.

I pay Bell Canada to take my messages. It never has to be set, and it is still customizeable.

MrScribbler said...

dal -- power outrages is more like it.

I refuse to let AT&T extort an additional dime out of me. They can put the calls through for me, but I won't let them answer.