Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just stopping by... register my disgust with this day. You'd think I would, at long, long last regard unreturned voicemail messages, unexpected changes of plan and other constant annoyances as a mere part of the game.

Somehow, the message never sinks in.

Another trip has been added in the next month's schedule, which in this case will involve a good 700-plus miles of driving to get there and back. Access by air is not real swell.

And, despite my vow to wear a blazer and tie in the hot sun as seldom as possible, I have been asked to play judge at yet another car show. Since the headman is a dear friend who has done more than his share of favors for me, it would have been churlish of me to say "no."

Yeah, I can be a churl, no problem. But I try to keep obnoxious behavior to a minimum. Or at least indulge in it privately.

In fact, I want to be a creep. It's an irresistible impulse when I'm out-of-sorts.

So why don't I just let the bile flow? Simple. It would splash those who don't deserve it, and leave those who have earned a solid dose of creepiness from me unscathed.

As always, the antidote to all this repressed nastiness is unavailable.

Long evening ahead....


lowandslow said...

A churl? As in "a rude, boorish person"? (Yes, of course I just looked it up. I would have just said @$$hole, but you're a show off and much more eloquent than me.)

I knew churl, and you, sir, are no churl. :)

joan said...

Oh, go put on your snappy duds and go get us some car candy!