Monday, September 03, 2007

A mere 99 degrees... 3:00 this afternoon.

Did windows, cleared out all the crap press materials I no longer need out of the office, cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the place. I also took the last few things that belonged to Hobbes down to the garage -- the scratching post he sometimes slept against but never so much as sank a claw into, the enclosure I built for the litter box, the spread that covered "his" chair in the office, etc.

The last was the bad part. But they may well be used again by another cat one day....

There is still plenty to do, but I finally gave up, after taking a whiff and realizing that I'd gotten, well, gamy.

The party has been going on down by the pool since about 10:30. Screaming kids, loud music. Must be fun.

But taking a shower was more fun.

And that was it, fun-wise, for today.

Because if you cannot spend a holiday with those whom you care about, it's no holiday, Jim.


DAL said...

I chatted and talked on the phone for a bit, but otherwise spent the day at JS trying to slog through the backlog from four days of sulking offline. (It's cool, no worries.)

I have as yet to ever labor on Labor Day, and I hope the next one is spent...well, elsewhere.

Ptolemy said...

Somehow, I missed the conclusion of Hobbes life and just went to read about it. Last night I spent some time talking to a woman with a sick dog who has similar symptoms to a dog of mine who died in 2002. We both cried throughout, me and this complete stranger I'd never heard of before yesterday... Orange tabbies ARE extra special and so here I am, a complete stranger to you, but still crying about the loss and loneliness you are experiencing, knowing that not enough time has passed to really make a big difference... We were lucky with the loss we suffered on January 1 (as you read) and I hope something similar can happen for you as well, before too much more time goes by...

MrScribbler said...

Ptolemy -- such kind words! Your journal shows the depth of your understanding and love for animals...cats and dogs give so much, and ask so little in return.

I still sense his presence here. Every day, I have the feeling he's going to poke his little red head around the door frame and walk in. Sad, but nice to feel that his soul is here.