Monday, September 17, 2007

I don't give a damn...

...about OJ Simpson.

Once a lawless thug, always a lawless thug. He should have been imprisoned a dozen years ago; skating on the most serious of crimes was hardly calculated to make him act like an honest citizen.

What really bugs me today are ongoing miscarriages of justice:

First, of course, is the continuing imprisonment of Ignacio Ramos, Jose Compean and Gil Hernandez. There was a brief flurry of "action" in Congress but that, as with so many other governmental "investigations" of injustice and violations of the law by elected/appointed officials, lasted just long enough for various slimeballs in congress to get their names and faces in the news, and then vanished.

And then there's the continuing subservience of congress and the president to the corrupt Mexican government. Once again, but more quietly this time, congress is preparing to give amnesty to millions of illegals and speed the way for their families. Moreover, another bill being considered will allow illegals who are students to get amnesty and government financial assistance for their schooling. Legal aliens can't do that. And they will be eligible for favorable ("in-state") tuition rates.

The basic question in all this: why are the president and legislators so hot to give lawbreakers preferential treatment? Are they not elected -- and paid -- by citizens?

One can only believe that bribes are flowing. And bribery is a crime.

As if it's at all surprising for the president and members of congress to be involved in shady -- illegal -- dealings.

Hell, I'd be far more willing to see the 20 or so million illegals get to stay if we could deport about 500 shitweasels living in Washington.


Rainy Conversation said...

The world is out of control. Nothing is fair. Brit-Brit gets another chance on MTV, the Oakland Raiders should have told Jamarcus Russell to f**k off... the list goes on and on. Is it Friday yet?

MrScribbler said...

rainy -- It dang well ought to be Friday. I just stopped complaining because I was tired of people and events tickin' me off.

John said...

All true. It makes no sense.