Friday, September 21, 2007

Listen up, peeps!

And this means you!

Well, maybe not you, 'cos you're a good person and would never need this service.

Those crafty Brits, showing the true Al Gore spirit, have come up with a way for all you promise-breakers who can't keep it zipped up to atone for your misdeeds. Click on the link and find out how....

Yes, you can become "cheat-neutral," and enter the world of those whose morals are somewhat more solidly bolted down.

I'm not certain what benefit the cheat-ee gets, but at least they know their philandering love either cares or has enough money to offset the size of his/her "Cheater Footprint."

Some people I know will have to invest far more than the £2.50 fee that covers one act of amatory impropriety. Just sayin'....


Anonymous said...

What a riot!!!

Very interesting...until they got to the climate change.

Thought at first it was a new age pan handlers scheme.

thanks for post!


Sally said...

What a novel idea. :) I wish I could think up something that productive! (((hugs)))