Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So much for loneliness...

...as, despite my best efforts to avoid the cookout/party, my sweet neighbor Sheryl -- who took care of Hobbes every time I had to leave town and became his second-best friend -- called and demanded that I come down and partake of beverages and BBQ.

Ernie did the BBQ, his wife did the macaroni & cheese, his sister did the potato salad, and the tequila and beer came from various places around the building.

At one point, I was asked why I remain alone when I am obviously reasonably fun to be around, and generally a reasonably nice guy.

How do you answer that? I could not tell these good people my heart is many, many miles away, in a place where it is neither acknowledged nor cared about.

But it is so.

Still, the companionship was nice and the food was great.

Sadly, that's not enough.

If it was, I might have paid less attention to the beer and tequila.


Justfly said...

Both you and Sheryl are cuties :) Very nice photograph!
I am glad she demanded you to join in, very nice of her. She sounds like a good person.

susananne said...

Am glad you got invited out Mr Scribs,its good to have friends who understand.

lowandslow said...

Yeah, Sheryl is definitely a cutie. She have a sister for you?

And you're being way too hard on yourself. You don't look a day older than a good bottle of scotch aged to perfection. :)

Cheriann said...

I'm missing out, I don't see a photo... :( sure would like to!
My breath took a hitch when I read about how to explain why you're alone, because your heart is miles away, neither acknowledged nor cared about... it's like I could have written that myself, if I were better with words. wow.
I had BBQ & booze this weekend - two days! BBQ ribs & wine, and pulled pork sandwiches & mojitos!

MrScribbler said...

cheriann -- didn't ask Sheryl if I could post the pic. It was a spur-of-the-moment entry, and I decided to ditch the photo. May put it back in later.

Birdie said...

darn, I missed the pic too....

I'm glad you had at least some fun!

You must finally close the book, and start a new one... chapter for chapter... get back into the story. if you don't open up, things will stay as they are... and that's not very promising.

Justfly said...

Whew! I knew there were good reasons to getting up 30 minutes earlier so I can relax and chill before I go to work.
The early bird (3:30am) got to see the photograph!

John said...

A heart is a terrible thing. Leave it miles away. Who needs it?
People without a heart are much better off.
You have women insisting you join in the fun?

Sounds like someone is noticing if they are telling you you are a good catch.
Sorry I missed the pic. Heck, I'm sorry Sheryl didn't ask me!!

MrScribbler said...

John -- Yup. I have married or seriously-in-a-relationship women wanting me to party with them and their SOs/hubbies.

That seems slightly dangerous to me. Bad precedent, and all that. Or it means they know they're stuck with me for a finite time.

joan said...

Good people wanting your company is nothing to sneeze at.

Except for the fact that I've been sneezing on everything lately. Accchoo.

Seriously.... a 'bird in hand" and all that.