Thursday, September 06, 2007

Let's bash men some more, shall we?

There's damn little I can read in the New York Times without gagging, but this article in which Michelle Obama talks about ol' Barak Hussein's bedroom habits -- some of them, anyway -- sinks to a new low.

She reveals that he's "snore-y and stinky," and even his kids can't stand to be near him in the mornings. Way to go, Michelle.

I have slept with women who snored, you damn betcha, and some of them were -- at certain times -- more than a little odoriferous. They could outdo me easily in both respects.

But I am too nice to name names.

Women, clearly, do not feel bound by the same constraints. They have to belittle men by giving them unpleasant nicknames and revealing foibles that make them look oafish, goatish, loutish, and sometimes downright unpleasant.

I, for one, and getting fed up with it.

An ex-girlfriend did that to me once, revealing a (very occasional) nocturnal affliction of mine to some friends. It hastened her departure.

I'm sure there are times when Mrs Obama is not the picture of desire or hygiene either, but I am also sure Mr Obama would not be so crude as to make them public.

Granted, I think the man stinks as a politician, but am perfectly willing to ignore his personal habits, one and all. Ditto, by the way, for Hillary Clinton; the mere thought of what she is like in the bedroom -- in any respect -- makes me break out in hives.

I've known women like this. They can be insufferably nasty about men, while making themselves out to be sweet little angels who never put a foot wrong in life.

Damn it, the next time I catch one of them in the act of dissing dudes, I'm going to be very, very tempted to respond in kind.

But I won't. I'm a gentleman. Hell, I'm not even going to say what word first pops into my mind when I think of Michelle Obama. I'll just say I'd hate like hell to be married to her.

Men are not all pigs, not by a long shot. And women are not all the little trod-upon waifs with hearts of gold and permanently magnolia-scented bodies they make themselves out to be.

It's a lesson I wish some women would learn.

But the "Snore-y, stinky" Obama story is perfectly in keeping with the NYT's sleazy editorial policies. I'm sure they wish they could have gotten the wife of a Republican candidate to shoot off her big mouth the same way.


Interested said...

Just because I'm feelin snarky...

You've never slept with me and I do snore on occasion. I've caught myself doing it as I am drifting off. But to my credit I do not sound like a freight train or buzzsaw :)

MrScribbler said...

Int -- then you probably sound like a 50-horsepower compressor! :-P

But if I had slept with you, I wouldn't tell anyone about the snoring....

lowandslow said...

Reminds me of the guy who brought home a pet goat. His wife said, "Where will we keep him?" He said, "Under the bed." She said, "What about the smell?" He said, "Oh, he'll get used to it, just like I did." :)

betty said...

I thought that was a real tasteful comment...NOT. Some things are best left between husband and wife. If Paul said that I'd say I know how we can fix that, and sleep in another room, lol.

Anonymous said...

Ricardo deserts me if I snore...he sleeps in the guest room.
Regardless of the 1000's of nights I have spent listening to the walls shake from his percussiveness!
(Is that a word?)

Anonymous said...

I see there should be an entry called "Random Photo-osity"
We just switched to U-Verse...and are having all kinds of internet and T.V.reception probs.
am I missing pics?

MrScribbler said...

LZ -- there are photos in some entries, but this is not one of them.

A good thing, too. Any who fit into the categories discussed here would have to be cropped, blurred and otherwise rendered anonymous....

T-E said...

Just a media ploy to make him sound more like the common man, and probably make him seem more white too.

I saw this headline on a news website and at first thought it was Osama's wife saying he was snoring. That would have been more interesting.

MrScribbler said...

t-e -- "Tales from Osama's Sleeping Cave," maybe?

I thought the same at first, too. But we're not alone; I think it was Teddy Kennedy who called the senator "Osama Obama."

John said...

It's an attempt to ride the celebrity train. A politician's version of flashing like a young starlet exiting an automobile, wearing short skirt and nothing else.
I'm not a big fan of either of the Obamas.