Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What are "they" doing?

Part of a message from a friend this morning: " makes one wonder if conspiracy theorists might, at times, be right."

The exact subject of his musings doesn't matter, but the sentiment caught my attention. I have long been, at a minimum, dismissive of conspiracy theories. I've heard 'em all, from the "JFK Assassination Plot" and the Bilderberger Meetings to the secret files of UFO visits. I've listened to people who are convinced that there are plots to destroy (or at least subjugate) various racial and religious groups, gays and the guy who invented the 100 mile-per-gallon carburetor; I've scoffed at all of them.

But I am beginning to believe in the possibility that a couple of conspiracy theories might actually have some basis in fact, and that bothers me. A lot.

The most immediately worrisome is the "American Union Conspiracy." In this scenario, borders are opened, people and goods move about freely, laws and currency are unified, and the balance of economic power shifts South to the source of cheap, exploitable labor. A few wealthy Americans and Canadians will get wealthier still, while the middle classes will essentially be wiped out, forced to accept a much-reduced style of living.

One asks "Qui bono?" ("who benefits?") and the answers are clear enough: perhaps 50,000 people, including extremely rich business leaders, large financial institutions and a number of stockholders will do very well if this idea comes to pass. Mexico's ultra-poor will be helped, too, if far less than they imagine.

But economics is, at the end of the day, a zero-sum game: for each winner, there's a loser. Or, in this case, for every winner, tens of thousands of losers.

I'm forced to imagine a conspiracy at work simply because of the forces behind this mad scheme: Democrats and Republicans who, on almost any other issue would be at odds if only out of spite, are lining up side-by-side to promote "free trade," "amnesty" for those in this country illegally and a general softening of the laws to give virtual slave-laborers (and their cheap products made in Mexico and elsewhere) free entry.

In the ultimate scenario (which I am not making up), goods from factories full of slave-labor in Asia will be unloaded off ships docked in Mexico, driven (by Mexican drivers) up a new superhighway into the heart of the USA, and then sold to whichever Americans can still afford them.

No doubt there are also plans afoot to create a new layer of government (EU-style) to run the whole thing, and it seems certain there are plenty of career politicians smacking their lips at the possibility of more loot to plunder.

None of this is being presented to the voters. In fact, much of the work being done on the "AU" isn't even given much publicity. Not only is there a conspiracy to make it happen, but also a conspiracy to make sure citizens don't know what's going on until it's too late to stop the steamroller.

The whole thing (at least as much as is generally known) is being wrapped in happy-talk. From George Bush down, from Republicans and Democrats, we hear that it is our duty to make things easy for those "willing to work," that the new pool of illegal (for the moment) laborers must be "matched with business that will employ them." It's for everyone's good, our humanitarian duty to our brothers and sisters South of the Border.


I don't imagine Bush, his advisers or members of congress really believe all that crap. What they do believe in is self-preservation; they know which side their bread is buttered on, and when Wall Street and other members of the exclusive club of "World Leaders" speak, it drowns out the voices of millions of Americans. at least I hope the politicos don't believe what they're saying; I would hate to think they are idiotic as well as greedy.

We certainly don't know who is sending out the orders in this conspiracy. I suspect a tie exists to those who want to put the USA under UN control as a step to a one-world government. A single government their control.

At the bottom, it's all a game of grabbing unearned riches, and it's our turn to face the big holdup.

It may well be that this particular conspiracy has been underway for decades, but the perpetrators have only recently found a way to make it happen.

Either we will be buried by this inhuman juggernaut or we will have to rise up against it. Neither option is a happy one.


Interested said...

Reading news sites that aren't liberal pays off. I have only found that whole topic at the one site I link to when I post them in my journal.

Anyways, I was reading today about the coming collapse of the dollar. Don't know how true it is but facts and figures were given. Wait and see I suppose. Maybe we should get that plane or boat ready to flee somewhere, but where to go?

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of them care about the average person. I keep trying to get the right people in office, but who can you trust? Maybe they all will get the flu and drop dead.

BenB said...

I wonder, if somewhere in the near, middle or far future, a modern day version of the Boston Tea party won't come about. We pay for the federal government outrageous amounts of tax dollars out of our paychecks, at least us that are far down the scale of the food chain, and then we have to tolerate this kind of crap?
What have illegal aliens done to the job market? It's really quite simple: they drive down pay scales to the point that individuals who became accustomed to a certain level of pay find they can no longer work in that industry and move on to something more lucrative. The construction industry is a prime example.
20 years ago, it was - Americans, and mostly white people turned brown (at least around here - being in the sun all day long those guys got EXTREMELY tanned!), were the primary force in housing construction, and they were making decent money.
Construction companies couldn't find anyone to take their places - until all these illegals came along. Go to ANY construction site, at least here in the - entire Arizona market - and you will find at LEAST 80% illegal aliens working the jobsites.
I go to these sites every day, this isn't some fantasy I'm making up.
And, these illegals will camp together in an apartment, oftentimes cramming 10 people into a cheap, 2 bedroom apartment so they don't individually have to pay too much for living costs. Then, they take a good percentage of their paychecks and - mostly - send their money back to family in Mexico.
Although I am QUITE unhappy about illegals being here, it's the federal government that's really irking me at this point. With Bush's and other politicians statements, they are basically condoning these people being here, and, by right of inclusion, are encouraging a whole THRONG more of them to come over here.
Oh yeah, let's just open up the freakin' borders, what will this country look like in 10 years? A few rich people, like you already said, and a whole LOT of very POOR people.
Even worse, you vote for people that you hope will do what they say they will do - and what ends up happening? They are sucked up into the black hole of back-slapping, you do for me and I'll do for you S*** - and totally renig on their word and make pathetic attempts to justify their positions.

When's the next civil war? American Revolution? Citizens rise up - against virtual, governmental backed and caused tyranny? Doesn't all of this smack of a socialist country?


MrScribbler said...

Ben -- it's socialism gone mad. At least in the old days socialists knew they had to keep their own people at least somewhat happy.

Bush and the congress don't care.

Rude Bastard said...

I highly recommend Greg Palast's "Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf." The fix is in unless something major occurs along the lines of Nationwide clean money campaigns, voters bailing from the Democratic and Republican Parties (I've been Independent for over 6 years now) or an all out political revolution.

Read that book. It's as horrifying as it is enlightening.

likeisaid said...

I think they're all nuts. Wish we could clean house. Neither party is doing anything to fix the problems!

Rude Bastard said...

It's more like Capitalism gone mad. Illegals come here for jobs. Businesses hire them illegally to save on labor. You stop it by making penalties so vicious it deters businesses from doing so. When the employment possibilities in the U.S. become as bleak for Mexican citizens as they are in Mexico immigration will slow. The Berlin Wall didn't work either. Congress is out of the F'in minds.

MrScribbler said...

Rude-meister -- yeah, it's Capitalism gone mad, but is allied with socialism when our government decides it needs to give the illegals all sorts of benefits that citizens pay for and don't necessarily enjoy for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Please don't nitpick me on this, but, I think the most inspirational political thing said ... indeed the mission statement of governments was first express by Lincoln. "Government of the people, by the people, for the people." He did not say, Government "of Haliburton", or "for Haliburton." No, he said it was for and by the people. So where did it all go to hell in a hand cart.

Who will ague with me? I believe a government's job is, first and foremost, second, third and fourth and fifth, to LOOK AFTER ITS PEOPLE. That's where its focus should be. But hey, who believes any of them give a flying fart about that. Look after business, look after anything, and screw the little man.


MrScribbler said...

J-J -- somewhere along the line, while no one was paying attention, those in elective office figured out a way to insulate themselves from the necessity of serving the public. Don't know how or when, but they seem to have mastered the art of keeping the masses happy with slogans and lies.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree on one point: Economics is Not a zero sum game. Accounting may be. People do not pull money out of pockets by getting wealthy. There is not a zero sum game for the creation of wealth. Force in the form of government or other is about all that gets in the way.

Anonymous said...

Government's job is not to look after the people except to keep other people off our backs.

Anonymous said...

We're being sold out

Anonymous said...

An idiot wind is blowing through the country. There is no telling who will be blown into office the next time. "the wheels still in spin"