Sunday, December 31, 2006

A message from Gully Jimson.

I have never read the classic novel, "The Horse's Mouth," but it's on my to-read list for the coming year.

However, I've always been struck by a scene at the end of the book, as recalled by Lord Buckley in one of his performances.

Gully Jimson, the principal character, is dying in a hospital bed and, as Buckley recounts it:

"...a nun says to him, 'Mr Jimson, at a time like this, shouldn't you be praying a little more and laughing a little less?' He looks at her and says, 'Madame, it is the same thing' and taps out."

I have prayed too much, and not laughed enough.


lowandslow said...

So go laugh. A lot. Wait, I'll join you. :)

likeisaid said...

This reminds me of my friend who died this month. The day before he died the minister came to give him the last rites. He asked Earl if he would mind and Earl said no but would you please hurry, I'm dying!

I hope you have a bottle of bubbly and someone beside you, MrS. I don't want you to be lonely on New Year's Eve. Much love and many {{{hugs}}}


likeisaid said...

I forgot to add. You're always in my prayers. And you can never pray too much. :) {{{hugs}}}