Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A small addition to the previous rant...

...courtesy of Michael Chertoff, the director of the hideously misnamed "Department of Homeland Security."

In speaking of the crackdowns yesterday at various meat-packing plants that rounded up scores of illegal aliens, Chertoff said "The [immigration] problem is everyone's problem, and we can fix it with comprehensive immigration reform."

Wrong, you pathetic fool.

Out-of-control illegal immigration is the problem of George Bush and the congress, working hand-in-hand with city officials around the country that have caved in to the wack-job left and are agitating to just throw the damn borders wide open.

It is not "everyone's" problem.

The government is "everyone's" problem.

Oh, and the illegals who were rounded up? They are under suspicion of "identity theft," because they used fraudulent Social Security numbers to get jobs. Since the government has agreed with Mexico that its citizens will get their S.S. benefits from Uncle Sugar regardless of the legality of their status and no matter whether their I.D. numbers were legal, it's a pretty minor rap.

They'll be all right, anyway. Inevitably, they will be freed pending a court appearance they'll never show up to, and will simply come back to the packing plants with new names.

It's time for comprehensive politician reform.


Sally said...

I think I agree, but I don't know too much about that political stuff. I do think that the illegal aliens should learn how to talk our language if they're here and also be LEGAL. But then again, I don't keep up too much with the stuff in the news and such. It's very depressing. I hope you are having a good evening though, Scribbs! :)

MsLiberalThorn said...

I'm going to cry if my boyfriend is deported! He is illegal, but to his credit, he learned English and he pays taxes. He's not on any government loans either. I'm not opposed to immigration, but I agree that if Mexicans are going to cross the border, they ought to learn English and not rely on the government to give them everything. Have a nice day,
~ MsLiberalThorn

KauaiFinn said...


Yet another reason why it is so wonderful to live out in the middle of the pacific ocean - away from all the drama stirred up on the mainland (aka: Mad-Land).

Altho, we do have a slight problem with people coming here illegally from the phillipines. And i do feel that they should make the effort to learn english if they wish to live here. Just as i would most certainly strive to learn French if i were to move to France, for example. (it would be foolish *not* to!)

Happy Thursday...