Thursday, December 21, 2006

About those holidays...

...or, in my case, what freekin' holidays?

I have to be out for a while tomorrow, so that means Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be sit-at-the-desk-and-write days around here. Deadlines, y'know, though I'd be more cheerful about cranking out the verbiage if said clients had already paid for the last work they ordered and received....

There was an outside chance that I might have Christmas dinner with a couple of friends, but I was told this afternoon that the female half of the duo decided she preferred to be up in Central California doing a dinner for some other friends. They made a half-hearted offer to include me if I wanted to do eight hours on the road Monday to get there and back. Which I don't. Oh, well.

So my Christmas celebration, remarkably similar to my Thanksgiving celebration, will probably consist of hitting the deli for some special treats for the cat.

I might go out one evening and look at Christmas lights, and imagine what it would be like to be inside, sitting around the tree with loved ones....

TOTALLY IRRELEVANT PARENTHETICAL NOTE: Every year, I receive a Christmas card from a large Japanese corporation I deal with. Not, mind you, from their U.S. branch, but from the home office, where a friend holds an executive position. I looked at the envelope and found that it was postmarked in Singapore. Damn, everything is outsourced these days!

I'm trying hard to not wish the whole damn thing would be over and done with as quickly as possible; I know a lot of people are having wonderful holidays, and I'd like the good times to linger as long as possible for them.

But here, on this one small piece of the planet, its major Grinch-time, Jim.

Being lonely during normal times is bad enough; being without any company -- particularly loving company -- during the holidays is simply awful.

I know I've said it before, but it's in the front of my mind again: twelve months ago, I had a vision of Christmas, 2006 that filled me with hope and happiness. But Santa delivered that particular gift elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

I"m sorry Scribbs. I just want the holidays to pass too. They suck this year. I am already looking forward to 2007.


Anonymous said...

We are pretty pathetic around this place too. If you were closer I would invite you too join our group. We could all trade war stories. Know that I am smiling about this.

Interested said...

OMG, no one should be alone on the holidays.

You could help me get ready to pull the sleigh and all but the north pole is long haul.

Love to you across the miles.


likeisaid said...

Wish you were here! We sit around looking at each other while our kids are elsewhere. Now that is pathetic..why did I bother having children? I'm with Gill, I want it to be 2007 already.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm thought I posted a comment on this. Did I not?
Woops I think I'll go to bed. I have had a bit or more than a bit of wine and I think I might incriminate myself.

Birdie said...

the main event in Germany is Chrismas Eve, but the 25th and 26th are both holidays... stores all closed from Sunday to Tuesday! I will be with my daughter and her family from Sunday afternoon to Monday after breakfast.... and then I'm alone, too.
Holidays suck.....

Sunny said...

I don't have the bucks to mail you for a fast jet ride here,

but you are in my thoughts MrScribbler. Very much so.

I'm going to be alone too, but MrB "might" stop by for a few minutes.
It's up in the air right now. He's busy with his ex and their family.

I'd love for you to visit me here especially at Christmas! *smiles* and ((BIGHUGS)) from Sunny