Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another little tid-bit for the rant...

...from the pages of the Denver Post, concerning the "Homeland Security" raids of Swift meat-packing plants:

"Swift had been told that immigration agents were going to raid the packing plants on Dec. 4. Swift's lawyers went to court to stop the raid, arguing it would cause "substantial and irreparable injury" to the company. A federal judge denied the request last Thursday."

Oh, darn. If Swift had gotten its way, the potential would have been limitless!

Imagine walking into a bank with a gun and knowing you can rob it with impunity, because the bank's guards would cause you "substantial and irreparable injury" if they try to stop you....

PARENTHETICAL FOOTNOTE-Y THING: Not to make Swift out as a totally evil company; they apparently were reviewing the documentation of some workers before the raid, but were told to stop doing so by the government.

We can't violate the "rights" of law-breakers by doing something awful like arresting/deporting them, can we?

Michael Chertoff needs to be fired. So does his boss. So does congress.


likeisaid said...

"Michael Chertoff needs to be fired. So does his boss. So does congress."

I agree. Fire all of them and start over.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, several were using falsified ID. Has Homeland security swallowed INS? I can't keep up with that department. Ubiquitous is the word, I think