Sunday, December 03, 2006

My favorite Christmas song!

What? I have a favorite Christmas song? Not possible, right? Well, I do; it was written by the brilliant composer/lyricist Mr Tom Lehrer.

And, without any further delay, here are the lyrics. Sorry I can't include the catchy tune, but that's how it goes....

Christmas time is here, by golly,
Disapproval would be folly.
Deck the halls with hunks of holly,
Fill the cup and don't say when.

Kill the turkeys, ducks and chickens,
Mix the punch, drag out the Dickens.
Even though the prospect sickens,
Brother, here we go again.

On Christmas Day you can't get sore,
Your fellow man you must adore.
There's time to rob him all the more
The other three hundred and sixty-four.

Relations, sparing no expense'll
Send some useless old utensil,
Or a matching pen and pencil.
("Just the thing I need, how nice!")

It doesn't matter how sincere it is,
Nor how heart felt the spirit,
Sentiment will not endear it,
What's important is the price.

Hark, the Herald Tribune sings,
Advertising wondrous things.
God rest ye merry merchants,
May ye make the Yuletide pay.
Angels we have heard on high,
Tell us to go out and buy!

So, let the raucous sleigh bells jingle,
Hail our dear old friend Kris Kringle,
Driving his reindeer across the sky.
Don't stand underneath when they fly by!


Interested said...

Very interesting Scrib.

Non-related to this entry....why is there a handicapped icon next to the word verification??? Am I handicapped? LOL.

MrScribbler said...

I have no idea, Int. I see it, too, and am kinda afraid to click on it....

Interested said...

Ok, I clicked it. Abunch of beeping noises and a woman saying numbers, not in order and a guy speaking in tongues. Scary man!

Btw, I heard your fav Christmas song earlier while I was playing "Comedy Christmas" on yahoo. LOL.

DAL said...

Mayhaps I'll have to download it. Could be good for an opoxcu or two.

MrScribbler said...

dal -- I've loved this song -- and the rest of Lehrer's songs -- for years. Though I downloaded the lyrics from a website to save time, I've memorized most of his songs....

In the world of music, he's a genuine xvuncuq!

HarpO'Fly said...

Such cynics.
I like the blindly cheerful version of Christmas better even if I'm on the verge of jumping off the bridge. Which I am, far more often than one would think.

HarpO'Fly said...

I tried the handicapped thing. If you ignore the speaking in tongues guy and just type the numbers the nice lady says, it works. It is easier than reading some of the sirly letter things they have here.

MrScribbler said...

I just tried it. Reminded me of the days when certain "moral" people were worrying about devil-worshiping lyrics heard while playing rock & roll records backwards.

Interested said...

No joke, back when Prince was big, yanno the dude from "Purple Rain." Anyways, an song of his that we played backwards said, "Jesus is coming." I thought it was weird. I remember that whole furvor. Nobody played records backwards that I knew, and you wouldn't unless you knew there was a message or knew it was a fad to do so.

Ok, enough verbosity [nojep].