Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve...the Final Indignity!

So I woke up this morning feeling vaguely apprehensive. Last night was not good; few things hurt as much as having your subconscious dish up lovely dreams that you wish were true -- or wish you could see as portents of the future -- but most definitely are neither.

I soon had more to deal with than apprehension. I was having trouble breathing; my sinuses were, and still are, plugged up. My throat is sore, and I'm running a mild temperature.

So as of this moment, it seems certain I will need to go out and buy myself a present. I'll bring it home, climb back into bed and unwrap it, and spend Christmas Eve chugging it down.

But I guess a bottle of NyQuil is a better gift than lumps of coal. Even if it isn't as nice as a bottle of Bushmills.

Ho, ho, ho.


KauaiFinn said...

Vodka has the same healing effects as Nyquil...

Altho i wish you could find a warm fuzzy feeling in your spirit on this Christmas Eve with something that doesn't come in a bottle instead.

But, since i'm in the same boat as you (except no sinus infection here) ...AND we both have to work tomorrow (Bah humbug!!): MAYBE i will go to the store and buy myself a similar christmas gift as well.


Big Hawaiian HUGS and Aloooha!

lowandslow said...

Bummer. I hope your "medicine", whichever you choose, does the trick. Get well soon. :)

likeisaid said...

Hope you feel better! We're headed out to get that special bottle of champagne to toast all our friends and relatives. Merry Christmas, MrS, much love and best wishes. {{{hugs}}}

becomingkate said...

The years I've spent alone (or un-partnered may be a better term) were definitely rough. At least I could hide amongst my siblings and my parents, and there was so much going on they either didn't notice or just didn't comment.
While I wish that I could come here and wish you a merry christmas, I know this isn't the best year for you. So my wish is that you continue to have hope that you'll find what you want and need, and that happiness isn't that far away.
As part of my JS Family, I also wish you were close enough to come over for a drink and to shoot the shit.
Sending Holiday *hugs* your way Scrib.

Sunny said...

Oh MrScribbler! You cannot be sick! (I'm sorry)

I'm also in "the same boat..yucky feeling too"

{{{BIGHUGS}}} and Love to you from me, SUNNY :)

Laura said...

oh man. I hope it's not THE plague. Nyquil stock is going up.