Sunday, December 17, 2006

Strangers in the night...

It's going to be a long night...

I'm tired as can be, having awakened at 4:45 am today -- it's now roughly 11:00 pm -- but sleep seems out of the question. I'm listening to Art Bell, who seems to slip a little deeper into paranoia with each new broadcast from his current base in Manila. I know his listeners live for his conspiracy revelations -- especially those long-haul truckers making that endless trek across the Midwest and, for some reason, Canadians -- but he now sounds less entertaining than slightly mad.

Or maybe it's just me.

I dare not fall asleep with the radio still on. There have been times in the past when Bell's show has generated strange dreams. Much better to have no dreams tonight, whether born of what I hear on the radio or other sources.

But for now, I'm far from sleep, and odd old Art is my only companion. Art, his guests and callers, that is. A strange crowd, we are.


Anonymous said...

As a seeker of knowledge in any shape or form, I must check if I can get Art Bell on the computer .... ooopppsss, you've put a hyperlink, so I guess I can. Anyway, as I was saying, I'll check him out so I know what you are talking about.


Anonymous said...

I checked your hyperlink my ole pink frock-wearing ole Scribbler and it seems I have to pay for the privilege of hear Art Bell. So I looked for some written words about the guy that would help me decide if I was interested enough to part with some hard-earned readies.

I found something - a review of his book and I have to tell you, my friend. You are fairly depressed at the moment and, if you are a regular listener of Art Bell's, that could be a lot of the reason (well, not really, but you get my drift).

A suggestion. In your sleepless hours, log on to good ole Auntie ( Select Radio 7 and just listen to the dozens of old and new radio comedy stuff. Always cheers me up and distracts me.

Anyway, back to Art Bell. Here's the URL for that review of him and his crappy book:

And here's one piece from it which I would assume is a fairly accurate description of the man - why would an intelligent guy like you listen to a twat like that?

"Bell's chapter-by-chapter exposure of his massive and seemingly inexhaustible ignorance and his utter lack of scientific background and training, as well as his total inability to present a respectable rational argument, is embarrassing, even for a grade-school reader."

Decision made! I shan't bother to cough up to listen to Art's load of balls. In fact, I wouldn't now listen for free.


Sunny said...

Hi MrScribbler! Art Bell has certainly kept 'me' company too, on those sleepless nights. It's true! I fell asleep with the headphones on and had scarey dreams.... or were they dreams, really!? *Hugs* and *smiles* from Sunny

MrScribbler said...

J-J -- if you were not such a slave to computers and actually ha one of those old things called a "radio" available, you could probably listen to Art for free. He is, after all, on an incredible number of stations worldwide.

If I took him seriously, you'd be absolutely right: I'd be holed up in a cabin in Montana with a huge supply of food, water and ammunition for an extensive arsenal. But there are nights when one feels the urge to commune with the moonbats, and Art is perfect for those times.

The reviewer you cite is certainly ignoring the entertainment value therein. And, worse, he makes Art sound like a politician or any number of celebrities who open their mouths without a script!

wagner said...

i haven't been sleeping much lately at all, even without strange dreams from art bell. i just hit my head awhile ago too, so i'm a bit out of it.

i hope you're well. stop by my journal tomorrow. i'd appreciate it. take care.

Anonymous said...

I liked this entry. Very moody. Very Edward Hopper. Radio and dreams and late nights. I like that stuff.


KauaiFinn said...

Hoping you had a peaceful sleep, peaceful dreams, and woke up feeling fresh & in a brighter mood!

*hugs* and alooooooha!

likeisaid said...

I don't know Art Bell but I listen to talk shows all the time. They're kind of nutty. :)