Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Those wild & crazy Brits...

...have really gone over the edge this time.

As the Financial Times reports in this article, it will be advisable -- on moral grounds! -- to worry about the treatment of robots.


We humans won't want to cause them pain, or let them go into old age without pensions and care...hell, we may even want to give them a vote, according to a study commissioned by H.M. Government in London.

Of course the "scientists" who prepared the report for about future conditions were presuming that robots capable of independent thought will be developed at some point, which I suppose they will.

PARENTHETICAL BIT OF WONDERMENT: What idiot commissioned this study? And why isn't said idiot out on his or her butt for wasting the taxpayers' hard-earned cash?

But the notion of adding mechanical devices, no matter how clever, to the ranks of old-age pensioners, protected social classes and voters makes me want to suggest that we simply stop developing robots now, before it's too late.

The ramifications are simply frightening, particularly if this lunatic idea crosses the Atlantic. Picture this: clever political operatives getting involved with the programming of robots to create, say, millions of new Democrat voters. Or assembly-line robots going out on strike to protest low-cost Mexican and Chinese robots. And what, God help us, if a robot has one of its motors burn out? You won't be able to simply call a technician; hell, no, it will have the right to go on welfare!

No doubt the first thing some enterprising manufacturer will do is create an Al Sharpton robot.


Anonymous said...

If you had watched Short Circuit like was suggested the other day, you would not be so racial about robots, you miserable ole scribbling git you. Go on - go get that film and then I'll accept your apology when you've watched it.


MrScribbler said...

Yes, sir, Mr J-J, sir.

I'm surprised you've actually seen a movie that has sound and color....

T-E said...

We've just been on a robot kick all week. Let's deploy robots to Iraq, good timing on your part entry wise.

Oh, and the we can go looking for Sarah Connor.

likeisaid said...

You really, really need to watch Short Circuit. I'm the one who suggested it I think..you will change your attitude towards those sweet little things. :)

Sunny said...

Robots on welfare??? lol!