Sunday, December 31, 2006

So far, no good... the Big Countdown continues, with roughly 5:49 to go.

The closer 2007 gets, the less I'm looking forward to it.

Yes, I understand that all it really means is putting a different number on checks and letters. But one wishes, somehow, for a kind of milestone, a point that represents a shift from bad to good.

Nope. January 1, 2007 is not going to be that point. I can fix some things that went wrong last year all on my own, but they are all minor. The really important stuff still depends on other people.

Last year, with a very few -- but very much appreciated -- exceptions, those people I trusted, loved, or simply expected normal businesslike relations with, disappointed me. One particular disappointment was especially damaging; not only do I continue to suffer from it, but so will anyone foolish enough to get too close to me in future.

Assuming, that is, that anyone would want to do that.

I'm glad to see 2006 go, believe me, but at this moment I'm sorry there's another year coming along to replace it.


Anonymous said...

No SCribbs!! You must look forward to the new year with hope. I know I am.... it's all we can do. If we feel that way the year will surely suck. That's not good for anyone. Hang in there.


lowandslow said...

I'll bet you a steak dinner 2007 is a "keeper" for you. Just a gut feeling, but my gut feelings have proven to be pretty accurate over the years. :)

Interested said...

Well if you go in with an attitude like that :P

Think happy thoughts, find your marbles :D

Claire Elise said...

You seem to have had a pretty lousy 2006, but the way i see it, that just means that 2007 might be that much better! i really hope things look up for you soon!