Friday, January 19, 2007

A word to the wise..., they say, sufficient. I need six to get my message across, and here they are:

Stay the hell away from me today.

Woops. That's seven words. It's still early.

I managed to choke down some spinach souffle last night. Most of the portion, anyway; I gave some to the cat, who loves the stuff. Today, it's back to tea and water only.

Thanks to two clients -- both pay-on-publication types, who have screwed me over before by delaying publication (and therefore checks) on a whim -- I will be spending every waking moment this weekend sitting here writing or on the phone trying to orchestrate a photo shoot that keeps getting delayed. Except, that is, for tomorrow morning, when I have to spend a couple of hours away doing something I promised someone else.

You may be thinking "so what?" right about now. Since I have no money, and no life outside work, why shouldn't I keep on with it in hopes that one day someone will actually pay for the work they've commissioned?

Good point. Well, not really.

I am simply sick and tired of being pressured, bullshitted, betrayed and generally messed-with. I know, all too damn well, that those who have done and are doing the pressuring, bullshitting, betraying and messing-with won't be thinking about me this weekend. They all trust me to do my work, be civil, and not suddenly transform myself into an uncooperative, nasty, revenge-seeking monster.

Hence, the warning.

I am closer to that awful transformation than anyone could possibly know.


lowandslow said...

Your situation might have the makings for a new reality TV show. "Mild mannered all-aroung good guy morphs into the monster who devoured LA." I see possibilities, Scribbs. I mean, if you're going postal anyway, why not sell your idea to MTV or someone like that and have some fun with it?

Seriously, I hope you can somehow find the strength to get your work done and find a semblance of happinesss this weekend, too. Take care, friend.

Sunny said...

I hope this weekend is better for you. {{hugs}} That lowandslow has a vivid imagination! Get stronger and get well.

betty said...

{{{{MrS}}}, feel better. I hope everything looks up soon.