Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm feeling sorry...

...for the poor bastard who thought he really loved Paris Hilton.

(I'm sure there must have been one.)

He thought her displays of skin were for him alone. If not the first to see everything she had to offer, he thought he'd be the last.

He couldn't know she'd get off on waving it in some other guy's face, in many thousands of other guys' faces.

He couldn't know she'd get some kind of kick out of making videos, so that every horny teenage male could see all she had to offer by searching the web.

He couldn't know that a sweet-faced woman with a little-girl's body would turn out to be willing to share her, well, assets with anyone who knows where to look.

I know some man out there fell for her, and fell hard, believed her lines about "love" and "devotion" and now rues the day he met her. Not all men are so crass as to participate in the kinds of behavior the "Paris Hilton Sex Tapes" -- which I confess I have not seen -- purport to contain.

PARENTHETICAL MALE-SUPPORTING-TYPE THOUGHT: A lot of people -- especially female people -- like to think men follow their procreative organs anywhere. It ain't so, and I could name names of other men who believe in those old-fashioned concepts of honor and fidelity, and who have suffered for it. The only reason I don't is that I don't want to embarrass them.

How do I know there was some poor fool who bought Ms Hilton's act? Because, in a very minor way, I have been there.

I have believed I was being offered that rare gift of love and devotion by a beautiful woman. I have seen the offer withdrawn in a singularly unpleasant way, and have been forced to learn that it was immediately offered to someone else.

Unlike those who have profited from exposing the maximum amount of Hilton skin, I have kept my own counsel, have withheld what some might consider proof of said female person's desire for me. And I always will.

Men are supposed to be the aggressors, the unprincipled exploiters, the vengeful, evil destroyers of relationships.

It ain't so.

More often than women think, we males are the ones who crave the basic, old-fashioned virtues. And live up to them. Never mind the brazen "Girls Gone wild" guys; they are an aberration.

All most men want to do is love, and be loved.

Does that surprise you, ladies? It shouldn't.


HarpO'Fly said...

We are at the have your cake and eat it too point in the gender role reversal process.
Emasculation won't really work to reverse roles, but few know that.
Too bad I'm too old to be a worthy slut.
No way this point is going to be understood. That happens when the truth is to no one's advantage.

lowandslow said...

My experience is that the male of the species has (at least) two life phases: "Hormones gone wild" and maturity. The variable is at what age does a man leave the first and enter the second?

Matt said...

All men really want in this life, and very few of us are EVER lucky enough to find one, is a SANE FEMALE!

If we find one, the majority of guys I mean, everything else will just fall into place.

There's just so much jealousy and insecurity out there that it's nearly impossible these days.

Justfly said...

Doesn't surprise me at all.

Kit said...

I'm not surprised. Men are people too. :-)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me at all. I'm just with the wrong guy I think.


betty said...

I agree. Paul could have had several women but he picked me. I was the most unwild woman he knew, lol. Poor guy!

Sally said...

I liked that entry, very enlightening. Thanks, Scribbs! (((hugs)))