Thursday, January 18, 2007

I should be writing...

...but I'm not.

Yeah, I'm writing here, but I have a 2500-word article due tomorrow and that's where my thoughts should be.

They're not.

Instead, I'm trying to convince my stomach to retain a cup of tea.

And I'm thinking about everything but the subject I'm supposed to be writing about, including (but not limited to): Cuba. Vicious Idaho predators. Corrupt politicians. My empty mailbox. People to whom I owe money. People who owe me money. Loneliness. Nausea.

This is not good.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're sick.


Sunny said...

I'm sorry too, that you are sick, MrScribbler.

Hey... I'm drinking decaf tea, and eating a couple Zesta saltine crackers right now. Got that 'N' stuff in my tummy too.

*passes you Mylanta or Pepto* {{hugs}} and prayers for you to get well.