Thursday, January 04, 2007

Postscript to the preceding rant.

I knew this would happen: the Los Angeles Times reports this morning that our mayor is going to take the liberal, "caring" path to dealing with gang problems: get someone else to pay for it.

According to the Times, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Wednesday appealed to U.S. Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales for additional funding and prosecutorial help to combat rising gang-related crime, kicking off what officials say will be a yearlong push to tackle one of the region's most intractable problems.

Funding? Why not? That way, more of Villaraigosa's open-border pals can dip their snouts into the government feed trough. Or maybe he has a new plan, such as giving the ganagbangers as much money for doing nothing as they would have made from crime.

And what about the scandal of the corrupt "LA Bridges" program? The closest the Times comes to that in the story is this sentence: A recent report by prominent civil rights attorney Connie Rice concluded that Los Angeles' gang efforts, costing $82 million annually, have floundered because of a lack of coordination among the 23 anti-gang programs spread throughout city departments.

A "lack of coordination." Give me a break. A lack of intelligence might be closer to the truth. Or a lack of guts. Or a surfeit of power-grabbing and greed. Or a feverish desire to pander to the illegals -- who will soon be voters, if the government gets its way, and surely won't forget who held the door open for them.

Sadly, the LA Times -- like Villaraigosa, the City council, and a trail of co-conspirators that reaches right up to George Bush -- is so bent on achieving their goals that they will not miss a chance to twist the truth into something unrecognizable if it benefits them.

And if they destroy the U.S.A. in their quest to be seen as all-inclusive good guys (while getting votes from illegals and money from those who will profit from the ever-growing slave labor pool), that seems not to bother them at all.


Sally said...

Oh MrScribbs, I wish I knew more about all the news and political stuff you write about, but since I don't I'll just say have a great day and God bless! (((hugs)))

MrScribbler said...

Sally -- sometimes I think it's better not to know. Saves wear and tear on your mind, and they'll do what they want anyway.

HarpO'Fly said...

You guys should annex Memphis. The mayors would get on swimmingly well.
Not to mention the increased opportunites it would provide up and down the metropolitan ladder