Friday, January 05, 2007

Nancy Pelosi's day of infamy

I am heartily sick of hearing about Nancy Pelosi's selection as Speaker of the House of Representatives. It is not a good day for this country when a shrill, ultra-partisan, narrow-minded ideologue holds power, regardless of that individual's gender. She, and her party, will lead us down the path of higher taxation, amnesty for illegal aliens, increased giveaways to "protected classes" and a position in the world that will be worse than the one George Bush has put us in, if that's possible.

I do not now see -- and never have seen -- Pelosi as anything but a vicious crank, a bitter maniac with a destructive agenda. If people judge her by her gender, they are doing a disservice to the millions of women in this nation who are far more qualified than she to hold power.

In fact, there is no one whose behavior will do more to reinforce the Neanderthal notions of the keep-women-at-home crowd than Pelosi. Unless it's Hillary Clinton.

The sad part of the story is this: America should have had a woman as Speaker of the House 40 years ago, when Barbara Jordan was a Representative from Texas.

For that matter, America should have had a woman president 35 years ago, when Shirley Chisholm was a candidate. I was one of many who voted for her in the primary election....

Instead, we get polarizing, self-righteous women like Pelosi, Clinton and Barbara Boxer.

They are no better as role models for their gender than George Bush, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry are for theirs.


kelly said...

She scares me.....she has beedy eyes....that can never be good.

Sunny said...

Amnesty for illegal aliens??? Help! She scares me too. Heck, most all of the gov't scares me these days.

Birdie said...

funny, at this very moment they're bringing a report about her on German TV. I can't judge since I don't know much about her, but MANY people said lots of negative stuff about Angela Merkel and feared her becoming the first woman German chancelor.... and she's doing a GREAT job!!

So, give the gal a chance to proove (or disproove) herself....

MrScribbler said...

birdie -- she's had a chance to "prove herself" for years as a representative. It is the sum of those years that led me to my conclusions.

Pelosi's no Angela Merkel!

HarpO'Fly said...

What is the logic in the assumption that all women should be overjoyed because a woman gains power?
By that logic all males should be thrilled that Castro and Stalin held office.
Gleeful acceptance of the girls only tea party celebrations, the celebratory dinner at the Italian embassy and other factious behavior, indicate that the level of thought in this country is in a sad condition.
No way I will fall for that trick which is designed to characterize one as hating women if they think Nancy is wrong minded and a bad choice.

Sally said...

Gee, Scribbs, you must spend a lot of time studying up on this stuff! ;)

I don't know that woman, but I am sick of her already as I got AOL alerts numerous times last night about her being picked for something. It was messing up my JS time! :)