Friday, January 12, 2007

Boxer's below-the-belt punch.

That darling of the wacko-liberals, symbol of women who can "do it all," and Senator from the idiotic State of California -- a state that only lags behind Massachusetts in sending unprincipled, unqualified and generally unsavory fools and knaves to Congress -- shot off her mouth yesterday in one of the most tasteless displays of mindless hatred I've ever seen (that's saying a lot!), and showed the true colors of her breed.

Barbara Boxer lit into Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice during a "hearing" on the Iraq situation. Boxer essentially accused Rice of being unqualified to deal with such matters. Why? Because Rice has no children.

Isn't that a perfect attitude for a "liberal?" Never mind that Rice is a brilliant woman with a stunning record of accomplishments, from statecraft to music, well-educated and articulate. She has no children, so she should not have any authority at all.

Now wait. Maybe Dr. Rice* didn't want children. Maybe she can't have any. She might even be a member of one of those groups the liberals go out of their way to pander to. Or she simply might have been too busy achieving her goals to have them. Whatever the reason, it's her business, and hers alone, and is entirely irrelevant to everything.

By contrast, Ms Boxer is a sanctimonious pathetic loser who has used her gender, wealth and mindless adherence to leftist ideology to reach an elective office for which she has no credentials. She has had children, of course.

At a minimum, Boxer needs to stand up in the Senate and apologize**. If she had any sense of honor, she would do what she would urge someone on the other side of the political fence to do after a similar reprehensible act: she would resign.

Of course Boxer will get away with it unscathed. The media will steadfastly ignore this. After all, the lefties can do no wrong in the eyes of the lapdog media.

Boxer's departure from the Senate would be a grand day for California, and the nation.

PARENTHETICAL LOWERING-THE-TONE-OF-THE-DISCUSSION THOUGHT: My favorite radio host, Bill Handel, offered the perfect response for Ms Rice to make: "Whose ancestors financed slavery, honky bitch?" Tasteless, I know, but sometimes one has to put matters into language a jackanapes like Boxer can understand.

* Note this: Dr Rice versus Ms Boxer....

** Instead, Boxer had her p.r. flack issue a statement attempting to justify her comments.


Kelly said...

I have heard of this barbara boxer before....I knew she was an idiot but I didn't know she was that much of an idiot...She sorta makes me want to punch her really really hard....and I am qualified for that although I don't have any children either.

HarpO'Fly said...

Liberal feminism is about hate, not ideology.
One minute married with children is evil the next, single is.

MrScribbler said...

Can't count on people like that for consistency, Mr O'Fly. Remember that not long ago the lefties were howling about wanting Bush to replace the generals in Iraq, and now they are howling at him for not listening to them....

Anonymous said...

I don't get this "media slant" crap. Both sides say the media is slanted - but each say it is in a different direction.

MrScribbler said...

Anonymous -- how many newspapers have you seen condemning Boxer for her disgusting rant?

I haven't even seen it mentioned in the NY or LA Times, Washington Post or other "great" newspapers.

likeisaid said...

Boxer makes me sick. My friend who lives in California can't stand her.