Monday, January 22, 2007

When horoscopes attack...

...they can leave you scratching your head in puzzlement, as is true for today's little gem:

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19
When it comes to love, experiencing the agony of defeat can be overwhelming, it's true. But are you so spooked you won't even get back in the game? Remind yourself that there are no winners or losers in love.


The first two sentences ring true enough, with the answer to the question posed in the second being, as of now, "yes."

I have no idea what the third sentence is supposed to mean. Is "love" some kind of stupid game like hacky-sack where the object is to make everyone happy without any real exertion or emotional involvement?

I don't think so.

The two times I have been involved with appeared to be genuine, abiding love, I felt like a winner. I think -- or at least hope -- the feeling was mutual. In the first instance, we both lost (but in a relatively non-painful way) when it was over. I didn't understand the extent of the loss until recently, but since it ended without rancor, I feel more regret than pain.

Not so in my more recent brush with the most fulfilling and potentially destructive emotion of all. When she pulled the plug, I lost. Big-time.

She did, too, but doesn't know it yet.

More than once, I've seen fine print under horoscopes that say something like "for entertainment purposes only." This one is far from entertaining. It's stupid. Anyone who believes "there are no winners or losers in love" is doomed to fail in love.

But then, I've failed, too. So I guess it all evens out no matter what you think.


John said...

I can't make sense out of that statement.

John said...

I can't make sense out of that statement. Why are you supposed to remind yourself and what does it mean?

betty said...

Sometimes horoscopes are way too real. I never read them anymore!

Anonymous said...

You read The Sun. You read horoscopes!!!! I'm afraid you're a lost cause, you miserable scribbling ole fart.

MrScribbler said...

JJ -- It's obvious such few mental powers as you may once have had are completely gone now if it took you this long to figure that out!

joan said...

I'm don't know enough about your past situation to comment.

Anonymous said...

No winners or losers? That makes no sense. OF course, some horoscopes are like that.


Sunny said...

MrScribbler: Listen up, please. YOU are NOT a loser. Ok?

Just don't give up. Real love will take time, sweetie.

I am so sorry for all the pain you go through,

and I pray one day soon someone will come into your life and make you happy again!

Anonymous said...

I think I understand what it means. I think it's saying that love sucks for everyone, so chill out trying to "win" all the time, cause it ain't gonna happen. I believe that, so therefore because I believe that statement, I don't believe I'm doomed to fail in love, at least no more than anyone else.