Wednesday, January 31, 2007

George Bush sticks foot in mouth...again...

...on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News.

When asked whether he would consider pardons for Border Patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos -- who, as everyone but Bush and his lapdogs seem to know, were railroaded for trying to apprehend an illegal-alien drug smuggler -- Bush laid down the expected lame line about "if everyone knew the facts..." and waffled and weaseled in a manner so incoherent that even Cavuto, who must have some experience dealing with those of limited intelligence, couldn't understand him.

I have news for you, Mr "Decider:" your minions, probably operating under your direct orders, are the ones who twisted the story to please your pals in Mexico. Each day seems to bring new revelations of malfeasance on the part of the "Justice" Department and Department of Homeland "Security" in their pursuit of Compean and Ramos.

It is you, Mr "Decider," who decided illegal aliens are more important to you than American citizens. It is you, I am convinced, who ordered the campaign of systematic distortion, fabrication, evasion and outright lies that resulted in two Americans who were trying to uphold our laws being sent to prison for more than a decade each, just so your amigos in Mexico City wouldn't think you were wimping out on the open-borders agenda you love.

Anyone who has followed this case knows where the buck stops: it stops at your desk, Mr "Decider." If you were as rational as you claim, if you took your oath of office seriously, Compean and Ramos would be free men, and an illegal-alien drug smuggler, who is moreover a repeat offender, would be in prison and would never have been offered immunity from prosecution, a green card* and free medical care.

Having watched your pitiful performance after Hurricane Katrina and your equally incompetent handling of your "war on terror," I already know, as an increasing number of Americans do, that when you play "Decider," disaster follows.

And we know you have no shame. We know you will sacrifice Americans to further your own worthless dreams of personal grandeur, and will do so without a single thought for the lives you destroy.

If true justice still existed in this country, it is you, Mr "Decider," who would be spending much of your remaining life behind bars, along with all those who committed felonious acts (withholding of evidence, perjury and malicious prosecution among them) at your command.

At the very least, it is time for you to resign, Mr "Decider." But not before you order Compean and Ramos freed and order appropriate compensation for their ordeal.

You have done the impossible, Mr "Decider:" Until now, I have thought the worst presidents in modern history were Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. You have surpassed them both.

Therein lies your legacy.

* Supposedly, the Green Card was revoked after the illegal was caught trying to move another load of pot across the border. Supposedly.

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