Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Wimp-In-Chief

This is my last political rant for a while, but I have to acknowledge that George Bush performed exactly as I expected him to do when he opened his mouth this morning.

He wimped out. Rolled over. Caved.

From the first, I thought Donald Rumsfeld was the wrong choice as Secretary of Defense. His mind was calcified; he was unable to adjust to the realities of the war we are "fighting." But to heave him over the side within hours of Congress being handed over to the socialist anti-military Democrats shows the kind of moral cowardice that Bush cannot seem to shake.

It's not the first time he's done this, of course. He makes bad choices, stamps his feet and declares support for the person or program involved, and then runs at the first sign of opposition.

The man is stupid and unprincipled. He should have been a Democrat.

One slogan ("stay the course") dies; another ("finding a way forward") is born.

I wonder what kind of dream world he lives in. He thinks he can "work with" the new shrill, bitter, rabidly partisan Congress. To accomplish that, I expect him to continue his ineffective, principle-free Mr Nice Guy act.

Of course he should be thrilled with one aspect of the shift in power: he will now be able to hand this country over to Mexico without opposition. Good-bye border fence, good-bye "rule of law;" hello uncontrolled waves of poor, uneducated migrants, exploited and betrayed by Bush's main amigos in their own country, looking forward to the cornucopia of giveaways they will enjoy here with the welfare-state crowd in charge.

On this November morning we have a president who is a pathetic loser putting on a pathetic, dangerous act and a Congress whose ideology is potentially far more destructive to the nation.

Between them, we face a bleak future.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that man gone. Should have been years ago.

lowandslow said...

My mind is fried right now. I'm in shock. I don't know why I'm surprised...I have no faith at this point in either party. I do see serious, dangerous ramifications ahead. Ex: A growing underground (non-taxpaying) economy, class warfare leading to even more polarization, etc. And this will be with us for years, decades even. I worry mostly for my kids, who do NOT have as bright a future ahead of them as I did when I was their age.

likeisaid said...

You described Bush perfectly.

Birdie said...

Please explain something...

you don't want the Democrats, but not the Republicans either. So, WHO did you expect the people to vote for? Did they have much choice? Give the newly elected a chance!

No one expected Angela Merkel to do a good job here in Germany, but she's a much better chancellor then Schröder was (my opinion)! Having a coalition of the 2 large parties here isn't easy... compromises have to be made on both sides.... yet we suddenly have a DROP in unemployment and a boost in the economy.

We can only wait and see how things work out... and hope for the best. If they don't do a good job, well you have new elections in 2 years! And I intend to register to vote then, even though it's a hassel for me!

Birdie said...

oh, and I also think it's up to the PEOPLE, not just the politicians, how the soldiers in Iraq are treaty.... hopefully not like the vets of VietNam were!

lovezao said...

Ryan has been talking about this all day. Between Ryan and Betty I seem to get the spectrum.