Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post-election predictions...

...which is the point when we're all supposed to say something banal such as "the people have spoken," and feel all unified and happy and talk nicely to each other.

Not this time.

A vast number of Americans bought into the distortions, exaggerations and outright lies of the liberal-socialist Democrat media. They thought an obscure Congressman's sexual escapades were so awful that we needed to hand power to a party bent only on revenge for their years out of power.

Forget for a moment that the scandals in which Democrats are regularly involved (can you say Rep. William Jefferson? Sen. Harry Reid?) will be swept under the rug. Forget that Democrats' hands are as filthy as those of the Republicans. That's all trivia compared to the extent of the real disaster that the voters have brought upon themselves.

Within two years, we will be out of Iraq. Not after having accomplished the goal of defeating the Islamic extremist monsters, but with our tails between our legs. George Bush and his not-so-merry band didn't have the moral courage to act as if it was a war and put maximum effort into winning it; the Democrats don't have the moral courage to do anything but surrender. The sacrifices of our wonderful military, whom the socialists hate and will do their best to destroy, will be wasted.

Within two years, aliens living in this country illegally will have full amnesty, full welfare, educational and medical care benefits, and will be given all kinds of shortcuts to citizenship. The borders will be open, and our government will increase its disgusting kowtowing to the Mexican government.

Within two years, the taxes of productive Americans will rise dramatically. Business, the enemy of the socialist Democrats, will be punished by ever-growing government control and heavier taxation. More and more jobs will vanish overseas. Welfare will expand dramatically. Dozens of new government programs will be set up to benefit the "disadvantaged."

Despite vastly increased taxation, the national debt will grow at an alarming rate.

Within two years, Nancy Pelosi will be president, after Congress impeaches George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Within two years, the moral imperatives of the Christian Right will be replaced by equally draconian moral imperatives from the Socialist Left. Do you really believe that they are not just as hell-bent on forcing their ideas on those who disagree with them?

If, God forbid, this nation is attacked again at it was on Sept. 11, 2001, the response will be, as it was in the Clinton years, to do nothing.

Islamic terrorists won a massive victory last night. So did illegal aliens and many other lawbreakers of all kinds. So did those who want the United States to subordinate its authority to the United Nations.

The new era of national shame which began last night does not center around the defeat of the Republicans. They had grown fat, lazy and corrupt. The shame is that the American people have chosen an alternative that is far worse, potentially far more destructive to the sovereignty and security of this nation.

I said it before and say it again, with deeper conviction and a blend of sorrow, disgust and fear for the future:

We lost.


lovezao said...

Now here is a person who is ready to state his opinion! You really do help me care about this.
Thanks.I wish you a wonderful day...

lowandslow said...

Eloquently and truthfully said. I, too, worry for our more than ever.

EarlGrey said...

"Within two years, Nancy Pelosi will be president, after Congress impeaches George Bush and Dick Cheney."

Dear God, I hope you're flat-out, absolutely, 100% wrong with this prediction.

MrScribbler said...

earlgrey -- I have three names for you: John Conyers, Henry Waxman and Alcee Hastings. Three rabid pitbulls whose sole focus in life is to punish. Guess who they want to punish?

HarpO'Fly said...

Other than the possible (more like certain) boost to the terrorist groups overseas and within, there will likely be a wrench thrown in the works of the rest of the agenda. Maybe now Bush et al will wake up and stop with polite war and self sacrifice.
Too much arrogance and liklihood of new scandal across the aisle.
The Reps have been following socialist agenda as well, just slower. You can impeach, but then you have to be voted guilty. Won't happen.
In the places that got higher minimum wage we'll have nouveau rich complaining about taxes---right
Pelosi's new prominence will earn her new status as America's most obnoxious public figure.
It will backfire

MrScribbler said...

HarpO -- I would argue that George Bush has spent five years attempting to "cooperate" (aka give in to) the Democrats on a variety of issues and now, with a solid majority eager to assert its authority over him, he will be unable to stop the tidal wave.

I'm hoping you're right. Nothing would please me more than to say so in two years. I don't see it right now.

likeisaid said...

This is the best analysis of what happened and the scary future that I've read. I hope what you predicted doesn't come true but sadly, it probably will. Republicans blew their chance and the liberal media helped promote the liberal agenda. The whole thing is a mess!

ZJ said...

Out of curiosity, a year later, how do you feel about your predictions?

MrScribbler said...

ZJ -- A year later, I think we're deeper in the toilet than ever....

Vito said...

Well MrScribbler... 3 years have now passed since you published your predictions.

Perhaps I've overlooked something but it appears that not one of your predictions have come to be... not even close!

How could you have been so wrong?