Sunday, November 26, 2006

Now the truth comes out...

...and we get to see that those on the other side of the Michael Richards story are just as reprehensible as he is.

With the help of an attack-dog shyster, the two men who were the recipients of Richards' racial abuse while he was doing a "comedy" act have decided that his admittedly feeble attempts to apologize haven't been good enough. Now, they want a face-to-face meeting so he can apologize again.

And they want money.

Yeah. Money will make it all better.

Richards has already expressed regrets on national television. He has also apologized to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, neither of whom was anywhere near the comedy club where the incident occurred.

This is simply too much. It is racial guilt run amok.

The attempts to make Richards grovel and do continuing penance reveal the depth of racial hypocrisy in this nation. But it's not all festering in the minds of white people.

If Richards has to do community service in the black community (as one "activist" demands) has to prostrate himself in front of Jackson and Sharpton and has to pay his "victims" money, why is there no call for Jackson to continually apologize -- and pay restitution out of the fortune he has made as a racial extortionist -- for his own well-documented anti-white, anti-semitic comments? Why isn't Sharpton being held accountable for the lies he has uttered?

Simple. They are masters at playing the race card. Not for the betterment of any group, but to line their own pockets. And the white "liberals," who have fallen for this act, support and encourage them.

It's a bad, bad situation. On one side, you have fools like Richards and Mel Gibson. On the other, you have the professional victimizers like Jackson and Sharpton.

Between the two extremes, others like them and those who fear being branded as "racists" themselves should they call for common sense to prevail, the racial divide in this country will never be healed.

Of course if it ever is healed -- as the majority of Americans devoutly wish it could be -- Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of their ilk would be revealed as the unprincipled opportunists they are. What a wonderful thought....

I have more to say, but I'm off to find the last black guy who called me a "honky m*****f*****." He owes me some money, I think.


kelly said...

I have been insulted I am sure by someone and I really could use some I am much more grownup and mature to let a few words get me down LOL

lowandslow said...

Right on the money! The rabble rousers DON'T WANT there to ever be an end to this racial divide. They survive by stirring the pot. The sad, scary part is that many whites who truly want to see fairness and equality between the races are waking up and realizing that their efforts are being perverted. Many are now sitting quietly on the sidelines, or actively circling the wagons. If anything, the eventual backlash is gaining momentum.

benb said...

OHHHH - YES!!! What a very wonderful thought!

Betty said...

I agree. What he said was reprehensible but for them to sue him..and Gloria Allred..yuck!! I don't like her at all.

I'll never be able to enjoy Seinfeld like I did before..I loved Kramer.

Justfly said...

I read another account of that evening. Whereas the hecklers kept at him, they got what they wanted: for him to break. They were probably laughing their heads off when Richards walked off.

I read they wanted a face-to-face apology in front of a retired judge and the judge to decide on the monetary amount.

Give me a break.

I do feel sorry for Richards. He certainly should not have said what he said. We all say things in anger, things we could never dream of saying if we were not angry.
I felt he had remorse when he was said his apology.

Sunny said...

MrScribbler! Excellant rant and so true.

That's what keeps the racial hatred going...

things like this, of Sharpton, and Jackson.

*sighs* Peace is it too much to ask for? I think it's way harder to have Peace than it is to have money.

Sally said...

Somebody called DH a cracker, somebody working at the YMCA with the kids! Next time we saw him, he was nice and considerate as could be. I think we all mess up with words, thoughts, actions, whatever. I feel sorry for the people in the spotlight really cause they don't seem to get a break when it comes to stuff like this. He was wrong to talk like that, but I think they might've been wrong too and I am rambling! Hope you had a good day today, (((MrScribbler))))! :)

HarpO'Fly said...

Somehow, in the name of something I can't figure out, we have come to a point of censoring thought and speech.
I've heard numerous slurs against non jews by jews, and similar stuff from all groups. If they think white Christians are all drunks and idiots, so be it. I don't think Mel or Michael are bad people, and I think Al would be a blast at a party. Jesse, well I find nothing fun about him.
We are doing the tar and feather routine over trifles and it is not helping the tensions.

HarpO'Fly said...

Man, you do the best job writing rants of anyone.
I wish someone would pay you do do a rant column and actually write the check in a timely fashion.