Monday, November 20, 2006

The other side of the sick coin... if on cue after yesterday's vile video (see below), a washed-up actor who fancies himself a "comedian" lost it and engaged in some hideous self-revelation during a so-called comedy routine.

I am so sick of people like this. What he did was inexcusable.

A lot of people showed good taste by walking out. But not enough.

Supposedly, this cretin put out some kind of lame apology today. The best thing he could do is simply shut the hell up and vanish.

So now we have both sides of the deal: a black man who wants all whites to die and a white man who clearly hates black people and has to spew his hatred in public.

Both of them, and all who are tempted to emulate them, need to crawl back under their rocks and leave everyone else alone.


Anonymous said...

I think he was high. Not that I'm excusing what he said or did. There's an example of what dope does to your brain.


MrScribbler said...

Could be, Lauren. I'd say it's an example of what dope does to a brain that's already messed up.

Interested said...

The home video wasn't very good quality :( It starts off sort of odd, with Kramer yelling. I was confused, I didn't know why he was yelling till he stated he was interupted. Still no excuse for exploding like that. It looked as though people were leaving but it was hard to tell.


HarpO'Fly said...

I just wrote about the exact same thing.
I guess great minds think alike.

Friggin lunatics. It's the reaction that wrries me.

HarpO'Fly said...

I heard sound bites of the exchange. It did not sound like his hecklers were playing that over the top. He went nuts. So his career is even more over. Could it be that the ever open minded folk of Hollywood are actually hateful bigots? That might explain the hostile tactics of the radical left.

MrScribbler said...

Good comedians can handle hecklers, from mild to severely obnoxious, without going over the edge.

I barely knew who this clown was. I never watched "Seinfeld," mainly because I couldn't stand ol' Jer, another true non-comedian.

gillardia said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw that. Just horrible.


Anonymous said...

I love Seinfeld. I loved Kramer. I can't believe this is him. I'm crushed. :(

likeisaid said...

And I am anonymous. . sigh

T-E said...

Wow. I hadn't seen the actual clip until this. Thank god for the internet and camera phones, or else no one would believe it.

High, drunk, whatever, you don't say things like that unless it's inside you. It's got to be part of him in order to do that.

Otherwise he did it because he thought it was funny, and I can't see how he would've thought that.

Kashew said...

Sheeeeeeesh. I think we should ammend that ole freedom of speech to say "Limited to people who aren't a complete waste of space"