Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cheated death again!

Mr O' Fly found my last entry "mysterious." This one will be more of the same, I fear.

Though I managed to snap a sunset photo on the trip home from the desert... camera was otherwise unused today. When I get the photos the Official Photographer (my friend D.) shot, I'll see if any can be posted without being too revelatory. Mainly, I used my pen and notebook, as well as some other "skills."

Thankfully, the day was relatively cool and overcast. That happens out there maybe two days a year, and we were lucky to be around on one of them.

Nonetheless, I managed to work up a pretty fair sweat. Despite my fears, I did my work without lapsing into brain fade and making myself look a fool in public. There were a couple of tense moments -- the one I can describe involved getting some grit blown into my face at an inopportune moment, which meant I wandered around looking as if I was weeping until it was gone -- but all came out rather well.

In fact, some of those who happened to be hanging around expressed some envy that I was getting to do this. What they didn't know, of course, is that the monetary reward is not commensurate with the effort.

But what the hell. It was great, great fun. I can still put on a good act for the citizens.

And I didn't come crashing back down to earth until I got home and found the mailbox empty and the answering machine message-free. I didn't think about how much I wished I could have shared the day with someone special until I got home.

I stopped at the market, stocked up on cat food.

Tomorrow, while all y'all are turkeying it up, I'll be here writing. Alone.


gillardia said...

I wish you could join me for Thanksgiving, but then again, my family is pretty tough...


Cat food Anne said...

I just hope you have a great turkey party and that you are well.
Cat food, very important.

HarpO'Fly said...

Quite a picture.

HarpO'Fly said...

I won't guess out loud about what this event included.

It can be worse, and it can be better. Looks like a spectacular setting.

kelly said...

just do turky day the best you can....and your entry was still rather cryptic...hmmm

lowandslow said...

You may be physically alone today, Scribbs, but I know of at least two friends who are there with you in spirit. Maybe we can share a telepathic beer together later on. Happy Thanksgiving. :)

KauaiFinn said...

i wish u could join me over at my EX's for TG dinner. I could use the emotional support....LOL! *sigh*

please do try to enjoy yourself somehow. i'd suggest going out to a nice restaurant and then getting up on the table & singing the entire "Alice's Restaurant" song from the very beginning to the end. Now THAT would be a good time... :-)

**hugs** and alooooooha!

likeisaid said...

Wish you could be here with us! Paul and I are spending Thanksgiving alone where to go. I don't mind it, but wonder what happened to our family. :(

Happy Thanksgiving to you, MrS..and hope you have many blessings to come. {{{hugs}}}