Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday night...

...and, despite having been distracted for some of the day, I've been brought back down to what is my reality.

I received some bad news via email this evening. Describing it properly would take too much time, and would be too damn complex. Let's just say that five years of hard work on my part to create something of beauty is about to be negated.

I also received another phone call from Bill Clinton, as well as calls from numerous lesser politicians who want me to support their pet candidates and projects on Tuesday.

I did not receive phone calls or email messages from those who could lift my spirits if they were so inclined.

I don't care that a rope will be slipped over Saddam's neck -- and I don't even care that the New York Times, in its headlong rush to embrace traitors and leftist wackos, is claiming Saddam's trial was "flawed." Nor do I care that George Bush sees the upcoming rope-burns around Saddam's neck as some kind of wack-ass "victory for democracy."

Call me shallow, if you like, but all I care about is that I had to deal with some depressing news and now am going to head off to an empty bed, as I have for too damn long.

I know I should worry about the Big Issues. I don't. All I care about is that my life is going, as it has gone for too long, in directions that leave me with nothing to hang on to, nothing to enjoy.

You can read other people (like this guy if you want to read sensible commentary.

I'm alone, work is not going well, and I get no joy out of life. I would love to rant about the people who have broken their promises to me, but I won't. They've all gotten away with it and are thriving; nothing I could say would make any difference.

Screw it. This day is over.


Sally said...

I hope you have a good tomorrow! (((HUGS)))

HarpO'Fly said...

Oh man, I am very sorry to hear of the demise of the thing of beauty.

The Big picture is not really worth worrying about, but it makes good material for venting.

I wish Bill would call me, I'd see if he could send over a young chick and a good cigar. Hey, I'm just a citizen, if it is good enough for a one time 'leader of the free world"...

likeisaid said...

{{{{MrS}}}}, you have us! I hope you feel better tomorrow!

astoopidmonkey said...

scrib, sorry on the bad news that you received.

I don't knwo what else to say.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you would have gave me your number, I would call you! I'm very sorry about your bad news.

About that empty bed? I'm in the same predictament! It's not too bad if we "DON'T GIVE UP HOPE"

May this week be a new beginning for you! You never know what the next tide will bring. (It could be something good!)

*smiles* and ((hugs)) from Sunny

KauaiFinn said...

So much of what you wrote in this post could have been my words. I don't know what the "thing of beauty" is - but I hope you are wrong and that your 5 years of work have not been in vain.

As for the "big picture": My biggest concern is what goes on in my immediate surroundings. My life, and the live of those I am close to. THAT is what's most important to me.

I like to believe there is a reason for everything...

My life has been SHIT for decades, but i've tried like hell to be a good sport about it.

Now, I'm planning on taking the controls and putting things in "full throttle". I'm going back to school.

Perhaps you need to do something similar... ?? Force a change in your life. And NEVER allow yourself to believe your years of hard work on this "thing of beauty" have been in vain.

If i had your phone number, you BET i would have called you yesterday to try and brighten up your day!!

Here's to a new beginning: **cheers**

Hang in there, my friend!!

**hugs** and AloooooooooooHA!

Birdie said...

I'm with KauaiFinn all the way on this.... but you already know that *wink*