Monday, October 30, 2006

The World's Smallest Political Quiz!

Since I absolutely do not want to write about my day or how I'm feeling right now, I think I'll distract you, as I did myself, by suggesting you go here and take this quiz.

In my case, I think it was remarkably accurate...

I'd like to know how all y'all place on the chart, too!

It beats the heck out of reading more miserable, whiny stuff from me, which I am all too ready to inflict on you....


gillardia said...

Aww Scribbs, you can whine on us any way. We don't mind. :-)

The quiz said I'm a centrist.


likeisaid said...

I'm a centrist also. My red dot was a little further down than yours. Does that mean I'm more or less...oh well, lol. Take care MrS. :))

lowandslow said...

I was a centrist...actually at the intersection of centrist, libertarian, and conservative.

KauaiFinn said...

I think i've taken this test before (no time to do it right now - gotta get off to work soon) and i came up as a Libertarian as well.

HEY, you can inflict your whining on us ANY TIME!! Heck, i feel free to do so every day. LOL!!!

**hugs** and Aloooooooha!

HarpO'Fly said...

I thought I'd become more liberal and statist with age. I'm going to put this on my page.
My red dot was at the right hand point of the diamind at the top of the diagram. Man that cracks me up.
I can't say it is really wrong. Not at all.
Thanks for cheering me up and giving me a chuckle. Wish it had done that for you.

Anne said...

I don't wanna know where I stand in politics! Lol
I come all the way over here to read some whine and this it what I get!?
Where's the cat! Lol

lovezao said...

I am a liberal libertarian. My red dot was all the way to the left! Now I know!

kit said...

The quiz said I'm a leftist liberal. (It's a shock, I know. ;-)

I was 90% Personal and 20% Economic.p