Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Acts of Congress..."

...is a phrase that has long had a double meaning. Traditionally, too many of the elected “servants of the people” have been rapists in one way or another, whether assaulting our wallets, our freedoms or, as now, children.

This idiot Representative from Florida is only the tip of a disgusting iceberg. The loudmouths on both sides of the political spectrum are howling about Foley’s misdeeds – and the reaction in to them in Washington – as if they are somehow a partisan issue.

They aren’t.

Democrats wail that Republican “leaders” should have known that Foley was engaging in smarmy behavior and are claiming this somehow represents a “climate of corruption.” Or they claim the party bigwigs did know and were trying to protect one of their own.

Republicans are blaming the Democrats for exposing (so to speak) Foley right before the election. One right-wing radio whiner mentioned Gerry Studds, a Democrat former Congressman with a taste for young boys at least five times in a one-hour period, while maintaining he’s trying to be “fair.”

Sorry, Sean Hannity, two wrongs in no way make a right. Or an excuse to shift the focus away from Washington’s Pervert of the Week.

So who’s right? Both groups, and neither of them.

When all is said and done, the roots of aberrant behavior in Washington are to be found in the enormous power wielded by members of Congress. Whether gathering in money they haven’t earned, satisfying sexual urges or getting their names on every bridge, park or bus bench in the land, they have a virtual free hand.

Neither side should consider itself immune from severe criticism and, in some cases, criminal proceedings. Neither has any right to make moral pronouncements. Are Nancy Pelosi’s hands any cleaner than those of Dennis Hastert? Is a scumbag like Teddy Kennedy in any better moral position to pass judgement on others than a scumbag like Tom DeLay?

Nope. Not at all.

Crime is crime. If we were privy to all the facts, there would be at least 500 new inmates of D.C.-area jails right now.

The only solution is to rid our government of the sleazeballs who have wormed their way into positions of power, and that means a mass voter revolt. There is less than no chance that laws controlling them will either be passed or, if currently on the books, enforced. We have allowed politicians to see themselves, and comport themselves, as above the law.

Forget ideology. The very first item on the agenda is to remove those who engage in foul behavior, or conspire to hide, or make political hay from the misdeeds – whether sexual, financial or simple misuse of power – of their colleagues.

That means we have to rid ourselves of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Senators, Representatives and political appointees from both parties. And we have to ignore all the voices that try to spin the evil permeating D.C. for partisan reasons.

When all of them are replaced by honest, patriotic, fair people who serve their constituents and nation first, who take probity and morality seriously, debates over whose ideas on the issues are best for all of us can resume.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen.


Interested said...

So, does this mean then, in your opinion- Clinton should've been impeached or punished/removed?

And yes, BOTH sides commit evil acts and BOTH sides filabuster etc.. etc... etc...The only thing the parties can stand on are ideals each party represents.

There are good and bad representatives in each party. I vote for the one who most closely mirrors my values- no matter what party.

MrScribbler said...

Int -- Clinton should have been punished...I wish he hadn't been elected in the first place. His misdeeds were apprent when he was campaigning for the presidency.

People seem to cut their elected representatives a lot of slack, more than they would anyone in their own lives. Or, more likely, they just don't pay much attention.

Anonymous said...

I think you're whistling in the wind, ole Scribbler. If you got your wish -

When all of them are replaced by honest, patriotic, fair people who serve their constituents and nation first -

it wouldn't make any difference. Remember, power corrupts! As a kid at boarding school, when guys who were fine were made prefects and given a bit of power, it was only a couple of months before they became little Hitlers. Maybe I'm too cynical, but I don't really believe that. I think I'm just realistic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - that Anonymous was me ... JJ

MrScribbler said...

J-J -- Can't disagree, old boy. But I remember one thing my father said that I agree with: when you have a choice between a familiar crook and a new crook, choose the new crook.

What we have now is working poorly, so a change might help.

lowandslow said...

Couldn't agree more, MrScribbler. I'm a pure, unadulterated cynic. Our Founding Fathers envisioned citizen-representatives who would leave their farms and shops for a term, do their civic duty, then go home and let someone else have a turn. They failed to forsee these greedy, power-crazed crooks we have today who's "job" is to get elected, then re-elected, screw "civic duty". We need term limits, but of course "they" would need to vote for such a constitutional amendment...ha, fat chance. A crook is a crook, regardless of his party affiliation.

HarpO'Fly said...

Implied in all the foregoing arguments is the basic reason that socialism is doomed, and why the governement was supposed to be so severely limited in its powers, and even the ability to change any of that. It is the public who are corrupt. They vote for vermin in hopes of getting something for nothing, whether it be the power to dictate the personal habits of others or a monetary gain.

If people would just not vote either of these parties it would be a nice start, but many still see that as a throw away vote as they perpetuate this abomination.

MrScribbler said...

Hate to agree with you, HarpO, but that's a heavy part of the problem.

As long as people buy the "this isn't you're money we're doing this with...it's from Washington!" line, we're basically stuck.