Saturday, October 21, 2006

Up in the air...

...and not at all happy about it.

Next week is my week to be available for jury duty, something I have managed to avoid until a recent change in the rules, a small tweak that closed a loophole used by people like me who work for themselves and have to be always available to clients.

Okay, so they caught me. According to the instructions, I have to be "on call" for service for the whole week. Moreover, I was directed to call in this weekend to see if I'd be needed on Monday.

So I did. After signifying my preference for instructions in English and punching in my "Juror I.D. Number" and PIN, the automated system told me I won't be needed on Monday.

Rats. I wanted to be done with this.

Not that I expect to be picked for a jury. My prehistoric attitudes would make me the bane of any halfway attentive defense lawyer. Only the much-missed Judge Roy Bean would put me on a jory. But once you've been called in and have sat around for one day, you're off the hook.

Instead, I have to call the automated system again on Monday night (after 7:00 p.m.) to see if they want me there on Tuesday.

I have to conduct an interview for an article this week. I mean, it has to be done this week. I can't commit to go to the guy's place until I know I'll be available that day.

Fortunately, an important phone conversation with a publisher can go on as scheduled Monday. I warned him I might not be available; now I will be.

Oh, well. Only four days to go.

With my luck, I'll get called in on Friday and chosen for a trial that goes on for months and months.

Civic Duty my butt. Call me back when you're ready to offer me $200 a day, suckers.


gillardia said...

Man- jury duty sucks. I'm so glad I have never had to go in. I only had to call once.


lowandslow said...

When they call you in for a jury panel, pull out a little piece of string or twine and practice making a hangman's noose. Pass out extra pieces of string and show those around you how to make their own, too. You'll be home by lunch. :)

MrScribbler said...

Good one, l&s, particularly when I can't seem to find my t-shirt with an image of an electric chair and the words "It's FRY-day!" on it....