Monday, October 16, 2006

Strange Interlude

While I'm still trying to get my housecleaning chores done -- and am getting farther behind schedule by the second -- let me suggest you go here for some kickin' blues.

This is a long-distance collaboration by two guys who have never met each other. Harp O'Fly is a major-league harp player who has been the toast of any number of low dives in that great Blues city, Memphis. Netmale knows how to lay down some solid guitar, even if he does live someplace in Eastern Canada.

Somehow, they managed to take the good things they recorded separately and make one teriffic thing, full of solid riffs and dandy lyrics.

So stop reading and go listen, already!.

I'll be back later.


DAL said...

Thanks for the plug, Scribbs. I hope to collaborate with HarpO on another qmiye in the near future.

MrScribbler said...

Well, don't get a swelled omzjl, dal....