Monday, October 09, 2006

An ignoble end... a rotten, forgettable day.

I feel awful, have since last night. Nothing has gone well. Everything I've seen, heard, felt, seemed specifically created to make me irritable, unmotivated and angry. I'll spare you the details; most would be depressingly familiar.

In short, a typical day in the neighborhood.

Seems to me that life, like the stock market, must be a zero-sum game. Without losers, there would be no winners.

I didn't expect to be on this side of the game. Not all the time, anyway.


Anonymous said...

even stocks bounce back over a certain period of time. -Lauren

MrScribbler said...

Ever hear of Enron, Lauren?

gillardia said...

No Scribbs. Things HAVE to get better. I hope you can have some faith that things will improve. *extra big hugs*


lovezao said...

Makes me think of my night at the slots w/mysis
Sometimes you win, but over the long run you are lucky to exit with what you brought.